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Blinc Lash Primer - Lash Primer 

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Option : Lash Primer
  • Option : Lash Primer
Blinc Lash Primer - Lash Primer

Option : Lash Primer / $15.99

Blinc Lash Primer by Kiss Me Cosmetics was developed with two objectives in mind, lash/eyebrow treatment and eyelash enhancement. Whether your lashes are tiny and require a larger base to work with, in need of conditioning or you are simply looking for incredible volume & length, blinc Lash Primer delivers. Developed by blinc to complement Kiss Me mascara, it provides a greater base of volume & length for your lashes, prior to applying your mascara.

Your lashes are exposed to the same environmental stresses as the rest of your body. Additional demands like continuous mascara application, curling, pulling and rubbing can lead to fewer and thinner lashes. Lash treatment is something that is often overlooked, yet your lashes play such an important role in how you look.

blinc Lash Primer is dye-free and does not contain any fumes or fragrances that will sting or irritate your eyes. Its anti-inflammatory and healing agents sooth and enhance the strength of your lashes/eyebrows while increasing their resistance to breakage. blinc Lash Primer is also enriched with Vitamin E which nourish by replenishing and augmenting the level of Vitamin B5 in your lashes/eyebrows. Together, your lashes/eyebrows are protected from damage caused by over-heating and/or over-drying, free radicals caused by the natural body process and environmental stresses like ultra-violet light.

blinc Lash Primer imparts long lasting moisturization, which conditions your lashes/eyebrows without any build up. But that is not additional benefit is included in the formulation that allows the ingredients to build up a greater base of volume and length as additional coats are applied, allowing even people with hardly any lashes to notice an enormous difference. Best of all, blinc Lash Primer does not require any eye makeup remover...just lots of water and gentle pressure to remove.


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Blinc Lash Primer
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
February 3, 2014
Goes great with my armani mascara. There are no clumps and it makes my lashes so long that i do not even have to consider false lashes. This is by far the best primer I have ever used. I have used lancome cills booster and it does not even compare. The blinc primer makes your lashes long natural looking. I am will never change my primer. I have been using this primed for 2 years. I am so happy I found it on this site. It is the cheapest on sleekhair.
long lasting flawless lashes long wear works with any mascara long lashes no clumps

Ponte Vedra, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great primer!
June 6, 2013
Great primer and is anti-inflammatory! allows the mascara to not break as easily on the lashes and lasts for a long time.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 7, 2013
it makes my lashes lengthen and after the mascara, it increases my lashes' length by 50%
it works!

Oakland Gardens, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Using it for years!!
August 16, 2011
I have been using and LOVING this primer for years, it makes your lashes lovely!

Los Osos, California
4.5 Stars

I highly recommend it!
March 29, 2010
Worked great for me! My lashes have never felt this great. I use this with my mascara, and my lashes feel moisturized and soft!

Cincinnati, OH
4.5 Stars

Miracle Lashes!
March 22, 2010
Amazing! I was totally amazed when my sparse lashes became lush and long after just a few weeks of using this product! I've just ordered my second bottle of it...and that's only because I left the first one out in the hot sun. Anyway, you can't go wrong with this stuff! It works and works well! Now, if they can make a product that instantly slims you, then it truly is a miracle! Enjoy!

4.5 Stars

Love this stuff
March 22, 2010
I just finished my first tube of this primer and it is my favorite that I have tried so far. I apply mascara & curl my eyelashes in the morning & it stays all day!

Pleasant Grove, UT
4.5 Stars

March 19, 2010
Picked this item up In LA on a whim ( I am slightly obsessed with my eyelashes not falling out) and let me tell you this stuff is the best primer I have tried yet. It seems to really strengthen and enhance your natural lashes without overdrying them as many other primers can. This also does not take the curl out as much as other primers. Formulation is white, however, with a normal coat comes out clear on lashes! Definitely would recommend. Not as good as the Sheishedo lash primer, but much more gentle on lashes and good for every day use!!! Good to sleep with too!

Dallas, TX
4.5 Stars

Not overly impressed
March 18, 2010
I used this after curling my eyelashes and prior to putting on my mascara. It seemed to "drop" the curl from my lashes and I did not notice anything wonderful as a result of it. I almost always use an eyelash primer, and prefer others over this. That said - it may be a great eyelash conditioner if used at night, etc. I haven't used it long enough to know.
Negated curl from eyelash curler

West Bloomfield, Michigan
4.5 Stars

Blinc Lash Primer