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Bio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair
Bio Ionic


Bio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair - 16.9 oz 

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Size : 16.9 oz
  • Size : 16.9 oz
Out of StockBio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair - 16.9 oz

Size : 16.9 oz / $74.99

Bio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair

The world's first one-step, formaldehyde-free Keratin hair treatment, that devolumizes, straightens, smooths and eliminates frizzies... go from unmanageable curls to sleek straight hair in just one step! Keratin-Henna formula strengthens hair, adds shine and improves elasticity. NanoIonic Complex hydrates and conditions. Lasts up to 12 weeks. 16.9oz lasts 2-3 applications

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Bio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair
1.5 Stars based on 33 Review(s)
Had a lot of breakage
June 22, 2013
I have resistant hair which is why I tried this. It's naturally kinky/curly/frizzy, very thick, but the individual hairs themselves are pretty strong. Nonetheless, I experienced severe breakage on my outer layers and especially my bangs (!!) following this product, and I did NOT leave it on longer than the directions called for. At this point, the best thing I've used has been Uncurly. I'm in Louisiana, very humid, and it gave me great frizz control, good conditioning, and the flexibility to wear it straight or curly. Global, California Smooth, and Pravana did not do anything for my hair.

New Orleans, Louisiana
1.5 Stars

February 5, 2013
i had this process done on my hair by a professional and liked the results. I did have a few fried hairs around my part which i blamed on the flat iron. I had a retouch done 6 months later and a week after my hair startedto break off 1/4 inch from the scalp. im praying that i can slow down the falling out with deep conditioning and minimal heat styling until it grow back
extrreme hair damage

1.5 Stars

January 12, 2013

1.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

WOW!!!! Shocking!
January 3, 2013
Wow! I'm shocked by these reviews! I'm a professional Hairstylist and I've been in the industry for 10 years. I've experienced with all kinds of hair straightening treatments and i have to say, this an awesome alternative to the sodium hydroxide and the Brazilian Blow out . I've done this treatment on all types of hair(blacks, hipanic , asians, white and mix!) and all have had excellent results! However, I don't recommend leaving it for more then 15 min on highlighted hair. For those that said your hair started breaking and falling, my guess is that the hairstylist that applied the product, left it on for too long! You are NOT supposed to leave it on for longer then 30 MIn!! Otherwise, ur hair will start to break! Therefore, Its not the products fault (b/c it says so on the package!!!) its your stylist! * Remember people, This is an Anti-Frizz not a full out straightening solution. this products makes your hair more manageable to blowdry and style. it will cut down your drying time without the frizz. Also, a Zero-sulfate (sulfate free) shampoo is highly recommended! otherwise, you will be washing the product right out on the first shampoo! Good Luck to those deciding on getting this treatment! Its an awesome product, if done right!

Toronto, Ontario
1.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awful product - stay away
July 10, 2012
I used this on my daughter's hair, she is 12 and is bi-racial - Her hair was beautiful and now it's frizzy and breaking...I am so pissed off and this company should be sued for a horrible product...DO NOT BUYS THIS CRAP!

Detroit, Michigan
1.5 Stars

What a waste
July 1, 2012
We paid $300 and sat 6hrs to have this done for my 9 year old. There was NO change in her curl or texture at all! Now I'm just hoping there won't be any further damage. What a huge waste!!

1.5 Stars

June 21, 2012
I'm a licensed hairstylist for almost 20 years and I have a large clientele... I have done the Bioionic Kerasmooth treatment on at least a half dozen customers... HOWEVER the customers that have received this treatment have been of mixed origin (black and white)( black and hispanic) etc... after wearing my own hair in braids for over 2 years and hearing all of the raving and ranting of how this Bioionic Kerasmooth treatment works and is so much more gentle on the hair than a relaxer I decided to try it on myself... as any great stylist knows we are usually the guinney pigs when it comes to experimenting with products, at least thats the kind of hairstylist I am... Anyways i have a full head of hair or should I say HAD... My fellow stylist put this product in my hair after I removed my braids and my results were PERFECT TO SAY THE LEAST... BUT... as time went on (not even a month has passed) I started noticing my hair shedding and breaking, which I took as, well maybe its in shock because Ive worn my braids for so long its not used to being out of the braids. I purchased all of the products that coinside with the kerasmooth down to the blow dryer and flatiron we cut my hair short on purpose but now I'm still shedding hair constantly I now have a buzzed spot in the middle of my head like an aging MAN.. I'm totally devistated because no one could have told me different about this product along with stress I'm praying I'm not bald by the end of this summer... If you are black with no other nationalities mixed in your hair BEWARE... make sure you have READ AND DONE ALL THE RESEARCH YOU CAN about this product...this should be labeled for mixed hair only... by the way I have grown out my relaxed hair for over 2 years so there was absolutely no previous chemical (relaxer) sodium Hydroxide in my hair so don't get it twisted i was ALL NATURAL KINKY CURL I'm a smart stylist I jus made a very dumb decision before reading these reviews... I will never ever EVER put anything that has bioionic kerasmooth in my hair again... I agree with ALL OF THE PREVIOUS REVIEWS DON'T DO IT... STAY NATURAL OR WITH THE GOOD OLD CHEMICAL RELAXER BECAUSE IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!!!!

1.5 Stars

Regret getting this done at salon!!
March 1, 2012
Regret getting this done at salon!!

1.5 Stars

Be Very Careful with this product
February 29, 2012
I had used this product back in the summer of 2011 after I had grown out my hair back naturally after using chemical relaxers for so many years. I thought that this would be a good change. The salon assured me that this is a safe product for my hair type (very thick hair) since I had grown out from my relaxer. The first time it was done, my hair was perfect, straight and so manageable. The smell bothered me at first but it went away after 2 days. After a few months I went back for a touch up, as my hair had grown out alot. This time around was different, after 2 weeks my hair started breaking and coming out in big clumps after combing; the smell was horrible, a stronger chemical smell than the last time I did it. I got scared and had a treatment done to try and stop the damage, but it did not help, my hair continued to fall out. In 3 months all my hair has broken off, I had to cut it back to an "afro" style. I had beautiful shoulder length hair that is now all gone. Please be careful, do not use this product, it does not have a negative effect right away, but it will eventually happen.
Chemical smell Will cause major breakage of hair

New York
1.5 Stars

January 26, 2012
I've been having the PROPER Keratin treatment done to my hair for 4 years with amazing results. In PROPER Keratin treatment, the clarifying shampoo preps the hair to receive the Keratin, then it is painted in, blowed dry and then flat ironed and you don't wash for 3-5 days. Perfect results. In this MESS NIGHTMARE (and trust me, the ONLY positive comments are from stylists or salon owners who are now stuck with shelves of useless product), I had it done at a salon - was first alarmed when they asked if I was on hormone replacement therapy (??), then when the process stopped being the same, the clarifying shampoo left my hair greasy, then the chemical was painted in and I could SMELL the nasty perm solution smell (that is all this is, after all, despite all the buzz words they are trying to pass it off with) then she SHAMPOOED IT OUT ten minutes later! I was shocked, but she said that is the way this one is done....then she blew it out (it was already damaged beyond comprehension, brittle dry and fly away nasty) and flat ironed, which only compounded the damage. BY the time I left, after REFUSING to pay the $200 dollars they wanted to RUIN my hair, my hair was broken off and dmaged beyond repair. Now, I have to wait another FOUR years for it to grow out again and NEVER EVER trust a process you have not used or know about EVER. In this case, the salon LIED to my face and the owner has yet to admit he knew NOTHING about this product, incuding how to apply it. I went to Piscasso Spa in Jacksonville Beach (don't EVER go there!) and so it matters not whether or not you go to a salon or at home. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE PRODUCT/PROCESS, whatever you want to call it. STAY AWAY !!!!!

Barbara Peschl
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
1.5 Stars

No NO and NO.Very bad.
November 14, 2011
I wish I read all reviews before I done it..... Very sad It damage hair

1.5 Stars

November 3, 2011
i used this product several times over the course of 9 months without issue. then i went to another hair stylist, and whether it was her application or that the product takes some time to ruin your hair as others mentioned, bottom line is my thick hair is falling out, i am completely bald in the back of my head and it is still coming out in the front. i have been taking vitamins and treating my scalp the best way i can. went to the doctor and they said there is nothing they can recommend and to wait for it to grow back. really hope it does.
great hair for a few months
it'll make you bald

Anonymous crying user
New York, ny
1.5 Stars

no no no no no
November 3, 2011
I am used to the coppolla keratin treatment, but it has a harsh smell during application...my hairdresser and I decided on the kerasmooth bc it seemed comparable but easier....NO...my hair has been shedding and breaking like crazy...I went back to my hairdresser and she immediately noticed the damage to my hair...she started a treatment to cut the breakage and shedding...now im just praying for enuf time to pass so I can get my real keratin treatment that had my hair healthy and thick and strong...I will not stray from the coppolla treatment again...the kerasmooth reminds me of a quickie relaxer, the smell does not go away, at least w/ the ckt, after the 3 day wait my hair was smoothe, great smell, and healthy ....no thank u kerasmooth, wish I had read reviews before

el paso texas
1.5 Stars

Don't Do It!
October 19, 2011
Please believe all the negative reviews. I had it done Friday and today is Wednesday of the next week. My hair feels like I had a buzz cut when I rub my scalp. I didn't realize it was hair breakage until I read the reviews here! I thought it was product still in my hair that I couldn't be off. The fine hairs all around the front of my head are also fried and feel like a buzz cut. I am panicking hoping I will not get bald spots like the girls here have mentioned. I have curly hair that was frizzy and didn't want straight hair...just less frizz. I was told that is what I would be able to do. My hair is bone straight and feels and looks like straw if I do nothing to it. I have to blowdry it and straighten it for it to look good (no curl). I pray it stops breaking! DO NOT DO IT!

Mississauga, ON, Canada
1.5 Stars

If I could give this zero stars, I would.
September 7, 2011
I'm a hairdresser and have used this product on four different clients. The first three had great results. The fourth client had excellent results the first time she had it done. When we did the retouch it looked fine, we washed it out, blew it dry, flat-ironed it and her hair looked great. She waited about a week to wash it and patches of her hair broke off when she did. She came in for another retouch (4 weeks later) and when I looked at her hair it looked like she had a reverse mohawk in the front and then another patch had broken off on the side. The hair in the patches was only an inch long and the rest of her hair was normal length (almost to her shoulders). She said that a lot of her hair came out and she didn't think it was the treatment I used because she had issues with her scalp prior to the last treatment we did. She was even willing to try to do the treatment on her new growth, but I refused. We did a deep conditioning treatment and had to part it to the side to cover the patches when we styled it (thankfully she has a lot of hair). I even gave her clip-in extensions to help cover the areas where her hair broke off. I was VERY frustrated and confused by what happened, as was she, and I decided to do some research to see if this had happened to anyone else. After reading these reviews I am convinced that it was the product that caused this and perhaps whatever issues she was having with her scalp may have contributed to the problem. I am now banning this product and will not use it on anyone else. Fellow hairdressers: I would be very careful about this! If you plan to continue to use the product, make sure your client has not had any issues with their scalp (scratching, itching, open wounds, etc). However, I would recommend that you discontinue using this product altogether. If you haven't tried it yet---please, DO NOT ignore these reviews. And if you're not a professional, don't use it at all.
Inexpensive, takes less time, permanently stays in the hair.
Dangerous for the hair, patches of hair breaking off at the scalp after use, bad smell, not worth it.

St.Petersburg, FL
1.5 Stars

August 6, 2011
I had the original Re-tex done 3 times with absolutely beautiful results in a high end salon by one of the managers of Bio Ionic. I decided to try the new Kerasmooth in June to save a little money. Just like everyone else I had the boy buzz cut feeling and chunks of hair falling out everywhere. Everywhere I go my hair is all over the floor and my clothes, falls into my food, is all over my car. it is horrible!!, My hair turned white and broke off and I had to just cut 6 inches off my hair to help save it., I have partially my long hair and parts of my scalp look like a boy with 2 inch hair. I had to part my hair awkwardly and do a comb over to cover up the boy hair spots. I called Bio Ionic and emailed them and was given the run around and told my salon had to purchase the Ion Therapy for me. Really, they should be sending me something and why do I want to ever use their products again!! My salon is so high end and my daughter in law works there and they gave me a sample of the ion therapy. I am using it but still losing tons and tons of hair. This has a damaging effect on your everyday life. Please do not use this, I beg you and I never ever write reviews. I am writing this with the hope people will take it seriously!! The review page makes you at least click on 1 star as a review but this product gets a negative 100 stars or more

Scarlet Rose
1.5 Stars

Horrible Product
July 12, 2011
I had this done professionally a week ago and my hair is a mess. I have naturally curly hair and have been using a flat iron which has damaged my hair. My hairdresser suggested I use this as I would not have to flat iron anymore, just blow dry and it would be straight. I waited the 3 days I was told before washing my hair much to my chagrin as this product smells atrocious. After washing it the smell still does not go away and as others have posted it smells like a perm and even my husband has complained that it stinks. Although my hair is straight when its wet it is still a frizzy mess and extremely brittle. It is no longer soft at all and I still have to use a flat iron to control the frizz. My hair is in worse condition then it has ever been. I just hope it doesn't start falling out as others have posted although I am afraid this is where it's headed as it is coming out when I pull my hands through my hair. How can they even be allowed to sell this stuff. Please, please, please DO NOT USE this product!!
smell damage and breakage to hair does not do what it advertises

Cleveland, OH
1.5 Stars

STOP! Don't try this....
July 8, 2011
The EXACT same thing as the other reviews happened to me. I had the Kerasmooth treatment done in February 2011 and my hair has just started to grow back. I too, felt like I had a buzz cut. It is awful. I am not sure what is in this product that causes it to do this but whatever it is should be illegal. I used to have a TON of thick curly hair. I originally had the "permanent" treatment by Bio Ionic Retex done in August 2010. The results were absolutely FANTASTIC. So when I needed a retouch, I decided to go back to the same salon and just get the anti frizz Kerasmooth treatment done. What a disaster! After waiting 3 days to wash my hair, I had a horrible perm smell radiating from my scalp while i was in the shower. My hair began to full out in chunks. I will never ever have this done again. Luckily I had a decent amount of hair to begin with that I can mask some of the hair loss, but this product shouldn't even be on the market!

Some City, CA
1.5 Stars

My Hair broke off too!
May 31, 2011
I used this products and at first my hair looked fabulous. It then starting breaking off and falling all over the bathroom sink. My son even commented and asked me why there was so many pieces of hair all over. I am still trying to grow my hair long and it's been a very tough experience.

United States
1.5 Stars

Bald patches everywhere
May 3, 2011
I had this done in a class by a trainer for the company. My hair is colored with shades gloss, had not been glossed in 4 weeks prior to service. She didn't even use the neutrilizer so it was a Demi perminate method. Hair looked awesome that day. I am a professional licensed cosmetologist & I cared for my hair as directed from the instructor. That next day, my hair fell out in quarter size chunks. Being that I have very thick hair and tons of it! I didn't freak out at first but today has been 2 weeks and my hair is almost gone on top, crown area gone! I have to clip my hair up in a very loose bun with a clipie just to work & not look bald. When I look down my clients see the bald spots which now are over a 3 inch radius! Had to cut off 2.5 inches from length because of frayed ends. I called my supply company & still have no solution as to why this happend! I have since not blown my hair dry but a few times and can't even shampoo or comb out with out more coming out.. I am contacting the company in the morning & hope to get some answers
Straight hair, deffinatly not think anymore so I have less hair & obviously saves time in styling
That I have bald hair that looks buzzed on top! And I've seen 10 sites where a non professional can purchase so much for diversion

North Mississippi
1.5 Stars

broken and damaged
April 28, 2011
I had this done at a VERY high end salon a couple of years ago. It completely destroyed my hair. When wet, the gentlest tug would have hair breaking off into my fingers every day. When dry, the ends were SO fried it look like someone singed them with a match.
Everything...it completely ruined my hair for over a year.

1.5 Stars

Love the product
April 27, 2011
AND I hope the people using it are professionals. My guess of peoples hair falling out or breakage is due to previously colored or highlighted hair. OMG people don't use something at home when you have no clue what you are doing. I use this in the shop and have had ABSOLUTELY no incidents other then a beautiful straight shinny hair! My clients love it! If you are ONLY buying this one product, then you are being mislead. there is 2 different formulas and other products you use in conjunction. Again please don't use if you are not a professional and did not have the proper education.
Soft, Smooth, Shinny Hair with the keratin building up the hair to a healthier state
absolutely nothing!

Las Vegas
1.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Breakage all around my hairline....
April 11, 2011
I have curly hair much like Shakira's natural curl. My hair is fine also. I did my own hair (i am a hair dresser) and noticed, almost right away, my hair was starting to melt. I ran to rinse and wash it off. After I was done with the whole treatment, I noticed I looked bald around my hairline. All the superfluous hairs had disintegrated! I blow dried my hair and it was straight. However, as each day passed, I noticed more and more long hairs falling out and my normally thick hair felt and looked very thin. I had to cut 2 inches off of my length afterward because the ends were fried!!! It's going on 5 months now, and I have wisely concluded that I will not use this product on my hair again. My 14 yo daughter wanted hers straightened and thank God I did not do hers!! She would have been traumatized if her hair started breaking off and was noticeably thinner. So my recommendation is run, don't walk away from this product!
straight, sleek hair
horrible breakage!!!

seattle, washington
1.5 Stars

I am SICK I didn't read other reviews before I did this!
April 4, 2011
I bought this on a Groupon and it was advertised that it was like a Brazilian Blow out. IT"S NOTHING LIKE IT!! My husband and sister did those and have soft healthy hair. After three days I washed it last night and mine also feels like a buzz cut on my scalp and is bent. I had relatively soft hair but got it to not have to style it. I had to straighten EVERY strand because it's so frizzy and straw like. HORRIBLE product. I don't have time to get conditioning treatments everyday, but will be calling. I got this done to save time. SO DISAPPOINTED
EVERYTHING. This product should be pulled from the market.

Lincoln CA
1.5 Stars

Lots of hair loss
March 4, 2011
If anyone is considering this treatment please, i beg you, DO NOT go threw with it! I got this treatment done 3 day before christmas. i was told to leave the treatment in for 3 days before washing it. WITHIN HOURS of having the treatment done, patches of my head started to feel like a boy's shaved head. SO i panicked and washed my hair out the next morning. Then as the hours went on, my entire head felt like a buzz cut. i called the salon and they told me to come in to assess what was happening to me. Basically when they looked at my scalp, they noticed that every hair strand BENT at a 90 degree angle perminantly. They instantly did a hydrating mask, and left it in my hair for a good 15-20 min. This got the bend out in some places thankfully. 2 days after that i went in for another treatment, and got the bend out in more areas. Unfortunatly we were unable to get the bend out of the top of my head where i part my hair, ad well as the crown of my head. Over the last 2 months, the bent hair in those areas have turned white, and broke off like a split end. and i am now 80% bald at the top of my head. :( for anyone who just had this treatment done and is experiencing the same outcome, PLEASE go every day to the salon and get a hydrating mask put on to hopefully get the bend out. I wish i was smart enough to just leave my hair the way it was. I had soft curls..beautiful hair. and now its fried and falling off. Please DONT GET THIS TREATMENT DONE!

Toronto, Canada
1.5 Stars

By ALLISON BOWEN from vienna ga. on February 26, 2013
how long before shampooing?

By Oneida from Puerto Rico on November 11, 2012
Can I use Kerasmooth right after receiving color treatment or highlights?

By nevin mahmoud from mass on March 5, 2012
What happens if you wash your hair too soon after you apply it?

By Janice Allen from Macon, Mississippi on November 12, 2012
I want to know how to reverse the results in order to wear my natural hair again, what should I do?

By veronica from Fort Washington, Md on January 4, 2012
how does the product work

By mary from ecuador on May 29, 2012
Please indicate whether I could make shipments to Ecuador I'm interested in a dyed hair keratin

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Bio Ionic KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment for Chemically-Treated Hair