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Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling


Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling - 1.5 oz travel 

item# : 1531-1-5-oz

$10.00 $5.49

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Size : 1.5 oz / travel
  • Size : 1.5 oz / travel
  • Size : 10.6 oz
  • Size : 18 oz
  • Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling - 1.5 oz travel

    Size : 1.5 oz / travel / $10.00 $5.49

  • Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling  - 10.6 oz

    Size : 10.6 oz / $19.00 $15.19

  • Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling - 18 oz

    Size : 18 oz / $19.99

What it is:
Shaper is the Original Shaper hairspray that set the standards by which hairsprays are measured.

What it does:
This flash-dry brushable hairspray has a lightweight flexible control that defies gravity.

What else you need to know:
Shaper has control so light that you hardly know it's there; creating a touchable, moveable style with flexible hold and a satiny finish.

Alcohol Dena., Hydroflourocarbon 152A, Butyl Ester Of PVM/MA Copolymer, Glycerin, Tetrahdroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, PEG-75 Lanolin, Aminomethyl Propanol, Fragrance, Panthenol, Linoleamidopropyl Ethyldimonium Ethosulfate. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Sodium PCA, Dimethyl Lauramine Isostearate.
Hold can 10"-12" from hair and spray. Use before or after blow dry or with the use of a hot styling tool. Re-spray after styling for increased hold.

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Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling
4.5 Stars based on 31 Review(s)
July 23, 2016
This is not for anyone looking for extra hold. It is a nice light styling texture and as it says in the title 'brushable.' I can run my fingers through my hair with no pull once sprayed. It does keep the frizzes down so if that is what you are looking for, perfect product. I just need a little more hold.

4.5 Stars

Long Time User
April 12, 2016
I have used this product for years and it works for me!

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
March 14, 2016
This hairspray is amazing! It hold my hair for sll day after styling!

New Castle, DE
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Firm hold
February 6, 2016
This is a firm hold hairspray formula that's still brushable. It's stronger than Zero Gravity, which I also use. I use Shaper mainly for updos or if I'm attending an event and don't want my hair to budge all evening. All I need is a light spraying and I'm good to go. Unlike a lot of firm hold formulas, this one is brushable, which is great for 2nd day hair. I keep both formulas on hand because they both do different things. Shaper is much stronger and Zero Gravity allow natural movement. I live in Florida, where the humidity does ugly thing to hair, making it droop in a matter of minutes. Both Shaper and Zero Gravity work well despite the weather. If your hair is hard to hold like mine, either of these formulas will work for you. For firm hold, Shaper is a good choice. For flexible hold, Zero Gravity is excellent. I recommend them both.

FL - Florida
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The best hairspray!
August 6, 2015
I love this hairspray and have been using it for many, many years. It is the only hairspray that doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or wiry the next day. When I spray my hair it doesn't feel stiff, gummy, or wet. In fact, I spray and it dries within seconds. Then I run a brush through my hair to restyle and my hair is soft, manageable and not stiff. Finally, I'll lightly spray again and the style will last the rest of the day or evening. I have used other sprays but I always come back to Sebastian. Other hairsprays have a strong odor, where Sebastian has a very light sent which doesn't compete with my perfume. Sebastian hairspray is the best.

Banning, CA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 18, 2015
The original Sebastian hairspray is a great product and isn't sticky.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!!!
May 12, 2015
Has good hold ability. A little bit goes a long way. I really like it.

Wilmington, DE
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Light Hold!
February 5, 2015
I really like this hairspray. It is indeed brushable and it doesn't make my fine blonde hair look dirty even when I use two applications. It is not an extra strong hold, which is perfect for a more natural hair style. The scent is pleasant, though a little stronger than I'd like. The scent goes away after a while, but if it is raining, the moisture in the air renews the scent. That said, the hairspray holds in damp weather and that is the main thing.
Excellent hold Natural look
Scented (but not too heavy)

Seattle, WA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Still The Best!
June 28, 2014
I have tried every "best rated" hairspray and still come back to the original! This is a great lightweight hairspray for fine hair, and it you can brush your hair after use without damage... It really is brushable.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Classic favorite
May 16, 2013
I have used this product since it first came out years ago. Just the right amount of hold. Hair stays put without feeling stiff. Brushable if I make a mistake and need to restyle. Nice scent that disipates quickly. Great product. Worth the money.
Lightweight but effective. Brushable.

Raleigh, NC
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nothing better fo All Day or Night Hold
February 19, 2013
Have been using this for years! Nothing holds like this, smell is great, not lacquer heavy. I often have to use a hat and be assured that hair can be recombed to original style with no disasters, or a little spritz of water and you are good to go looking fresh.
Hold is awesome, not stiff/hard. Combable. Never stale or old smelling even on Hot Summer Days, It works with just a little for all day hold. Never flaky, There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I love this product.
Absolutely Nothing about the product !!

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very light with great smell!
June 20, 2012
Very light hairspray. I almost feel like I to keep spraying and spraying to hold like I want. The smell is great! I sometimes use it as a first coat under a little heavier hairspray. Then I don't have to use so much of the thick stuff.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling
May 30, 2012
Been using Sebastian Shaper Hairspray for some time and absolutely love it!
It does exactly what I like in Hairspray.

Meno, Oklahoma
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

sebatian shaper hairspray 1.5 travel
February 15, 2012
I am so excited to find this precise product. I use the full size for brushable hold, but the travel size has been difficult to find.
Brushable travelable size
not a thing

exton pa
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very good
January 7, 2012
Holds hair without being too stiff. Likes the way it smells

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Greatest Brushable Hairspray
January 2, 2012
I've used this spray for many years. A little pricey but worth it. It's brushable.
It's brushable.

Sandy Davis
Moore, Ok.
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best spray ever
August 18, 2011
This is the only hairspray I like on my hair. I wish it would be on sale more often as I would buy a few bottles at once. It feels luxurious when I spray it and one of the only sprays that doesnt leave my hair feeling sticky and itchy after I use it. Amazing!
Gives hair spray but not too harsh Nice scent
Very pricy

aubrey, tx
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

No sticky hair but great hold and it brushes right out.
August 10, 2011
I have used many kinds of hair spray, but love Sebastian Shaper Hairspray for it holds without being sticky and then brushes right out at night.
see above
the price !

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love This Hairspray
July 24, 2010
This hairspray has the hold but not the 'helmet' look that other sprays have. It doesn't dry my hair out and I can brush or comb my hair too.

New Orleans, LA
4.5 Stars

Best hairspray ever!!
May 13, 2010
This hairspray is the best. You can brush through your hair, does not feel like a helmet. Love it!! I am stocking up.
Brushable hold!

Oshkosh, WI
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
March 24, 2010
I love this hair spray. I have fine hair and this spray is perfect for my hair. It is not gooey and it does not make my hair stiff and it combs out easily. I am unable to use the Shaper Plus beause it is too heavy for my hair. The regular Shaper is a good match for fine hair.
not heavy, combs out easily, no build up, perfect for fine hair.
it is an aerosol spray.

Chicago, IL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 27, 2009
This is an amazing hairspray and I have loved it from the moment I tried it. I don't normally use a lot of hairspray and this one is perfect. You can still run your fingers through your hair and it isn't sticky or crunchy at all. You can always add more product if you want more hold but it won't weigh the hair down.

Patricia Ra.
Miami, FL
4.5 Stars

Shaper is wonderful!
December 9, 2009
I have tried nearly every hairspray on the market. None compare to Shaper. I buy it two at a time to make sure I never run out. I have stuck with Shaper for ten years now. I no longer try other brands!

Jama A.
Sharpsburg, GA
4.5 Stars

Best hairspray around
December 7, 2009
I have been using this product for several years, based on my hairdresser's recommendation, and love it. Sleekhair's price was far less than I have ever paid locally. The usual cost of this hairspray is at least $14.99 per can for the 10 oz. size - at, I got it for about $10.99 per can, and there was no sales tax. I hope this deal is still available when I need it again.

Huntsville, AL
4.5 Stars

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray Formula Change
December 3, 2009
Recently, Sebastian Shaper was difficult to find. My stylist said that Sebastian was changing the Shaper formula. I was so dissapointed since I've been a Shaper user for almost 10 years. Biggest plus of the product was medium hold and NO build up. The Shaper available now is less expensive but cheaper ingredients. Big Build up problems now. Searching for a new brand!
Builds up in Hair

Detroit, Michigan
4.5 Stars

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray - Brushable Styling