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ISO Maintamer Straightening System
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ISO Maintamer Straightening System - 1 application 

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Option : 1 application
  • Option : 1 application
  • ISO Maintamer Straightening System - 1 application

    Option : 1 application / $13.69

ISO Maintamer Straightening System is a 2-step straightening system that achieves unsurpassed smoothness, manageability, and shine, leaving hair in excellent condition. ISO Maintamer Straightner is ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, un-perming ends and controlling frizzy hair.

Discover the ISO Maintamer Straightening System. 2 steps away from beautiful, healthy, straight hair. Use Maintamer as a straightener or as a Re- texturizer. Ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, unperming ends and controlling frizzy hair.

Step 1: With Isoamine, alters the pattern of naturally curly or previously permed hair. It softens the hair for increased smoothness and manageability.

Step 2: Contains botanical ingredients such as cherry bark, lavendar, lemongrass, rosemary and soybean proteins. It provides superior conditioning and adds shine and protection.

Designed for: Use Maintamer on normal hair, previously permed hair, tinted hair (up to 20 volume) or lightly high-lighted hair (up to 40%). Not for use on heavily highlighted (over 40%) bleached (over 20 volume) highlift tinted hair or hair previously treated with lye (any hydroxide) relaxers, henna and acid colors.


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ISO Maintamer Straightening System
4 Stars based on 78 Review(s)
Unruly hair
February 21, 2011
I read all these reviews & i'm shocked that people's hair fell out! I've had this done to my hair a few times by a few different professionals & NEVER had any problems like that. I'm wondering if they had previously done some kind of other chemicals or bleach on their hair or they didn't do it right; leaving it on too long, not completely rinsing? My hair is very stubborn & hard to fix & everyone that has ever done anything to my hair has told me it's some of the most difficult hair. I'm 27 & caucasian. I have very frizzy small curls in the front and very wavy thick hair in the back that will not go straight. This doesn't straighten my hair completely, just calms it down alot. It definitely helps though. I can usually get it straight easily with my chi flat iron. The only time I have every had extra straight hair is when i had the chi straightening system done, about 4-6 months later had my roots touched up & it resulted in a permanent wave, so then a week later my hair stylist straightened it again with the maintamer. that was the first time I had had it done. I loved it. However, the maintamer alone will not have the same effect. Still after all that permanent straightening within a short period of time, I had no problems at all with loss of hair or "fried" or damaged hair. If it wasn't so bad for your hair, I'd have the chi & maintamer done together all the time. ;) I was wanting to try this myself with the help of my sister until I read all these reviews, but now i'm not so sure.
calms down & slighty straightens frizzy hard to manage hair
Not strong enough for my hair

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Use this if you WANT to have extra fragile damaged doll hair
May 13, 2017
I am a licensed cosmetologist. I have worked in a salon for many years. I figured that I would give this product a shot after it was recommended to me at a local beauty supply store. I thought this would be similar to the Brazilian blow out and wished to apply it on myself as a money saver/time saver. I had followed the instructions to the "t". Sectioned hair, started applying on small partings. Well as I combed the product thru the back two sections to distribute the product, I noticed my hair lacked elasticity and some actually had broken off. This product had only been on maybe 2-4 minutes tops. I RAN AND SHAMPOO-ED MY HAIR. The damage was already done. My hair one week later after using a "hair perfecter" that starts with "o" and a porosity controller, my hair is "nappy" damaged beyond repair, and mushy when wet. Do not use this product unless your hair is Virgin or possibly colored with only demi permanent color! You will be sorry! This item makes your hair smell like an old ladies perm despite rinsing it for 10 minutes. It will melt your hair. Thank you, to the lovely fancy lady at that beauty supply store. May karma get you and your hair breaks off at the scalp. I may have to get a pixie to cut off my damage. To maintamer makers, you are marketing a horrible product to professional hairdressers. I am so angry and disappointed. I will be sure to share my experience with everyone I know!
Read above

Amanda Goodman
4 Stars

love it!!!
April 18, 2017
Amazing product, my clients are amazed on how well there hair get straight!

Burlington Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

"Love it!"
March 31, 2017
ISO Maintamer Straightening System is a great product! I have used other chemical straighteners over the years and this product is the best! I am very happy that I found it. It is easy to use and the outcome is terrific. My hair looks great! I would definitely recommend it!
Easy to use with clear directions

New Jersey
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

LOve it
December 26, 2016
this has always done my hair good.

deer park, texas
4 Stars

August 5, 2016
We are currently investigating hair loss associated with the use of this product. If you experienced hair loss and/or breakage after using this product, and would like to discuss remedies that may be available to you, please call 855-505-5342.

Boston, MA
4 Stars

June 27, 2016
My aplogies to the manufacturer of the product but the 2nd time I used it, it sizzled my hair so I've lost a significant deal of length. It's been several months since this happen and my hair is not growing in the back where it sizzled, as quickly as I would like it to. If the manufacturer could kindly reply with some kind of explanation or solution to this affect, it would be appreciated ? Thanks
Easy application
Can not see instructions even if u had a magnifying glass !

Mississauga Ontario
4 Stars

Love it
June 10, 2016
This ISO straighening system one of my favorites, really make my hair straight for long time

New Castle, DE
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very good product
April 17, 2016
the best product on the market so far, after using many others this is the best I seen so far.

4 Stars

directions must be followed to a T for good results
March 11, 2016
I have used Maintamer 6x over the last 4 years and only once was there breakage and it was completely my fault. The rinsing for 10 minutes after step 1 is a must, but just then our hot water tank broke and water was ice cold so I stopped after 7 minutes. There must be no residue of step1 on the hair when step 2 is applied. Felt a burning sensation the next day, Lost tons of hair. Completely acknowledge my fault. Never a problem again after. Hair grew back and all is well. Do this twice a year, before southern winter vacation and hot muggy summer.
Hair sleeker than I had even hoped for, easy to style and no more frizz
Rinsing product out incompletely could result in breakage and hair loss

Saint-Sauveur, QC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
February 10, 2016
i use this product on my hair two weeks after using permanent dye. . I read all the reviews about people hair being fried and falling out so that made me kind of worried about using it. Because I have had problems with hair loss in the past by using other chemicals in my hair I did not leave the product on for the recommended time because I was afraid of damaging my hair. With that being said my hair turned out great.

4 Stars

love it
January 26, 2016
Lo uso hace aos y es el mejor alasiador que he utilizado. Me deja bello el cabello sin nada de Risos . Queda el pelo chino
Slo uso profesional

Miosotis Negron
Puerto Rico
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Maintamer relaxer best product ever
January 7, 2016
have been relaxing hair since childhood, using drugstore and salon products narobi mizani, and had manetamer done in salon 2 times already booked another apt for my 6 months never lost hair, just went for trim and lady could not believe hair was just relaxer dec product around highly recommend

Prospect, KY
4 Stars

amazing product
July 23, 2015
I am a stylist and have used this product on thick wavy hair and super thick super kinky hair with amazing results. I've read through these reviews and am amazed. I'd definetly recommend going to a distinguished salon AND stylist to have any service done but especially any chemical service. I read on one bad review that the product smells very strong and while I'll agree that it has an odor it shouldn't be so overwhelming or strong. Not only is past services a variable but you also want to make sure any chemicals you put on your hair aren't expired or counterfeit i.e. buy it from a reputable PROFESSIONAL beauty supply
Smooths straightens defrizzes shiny easier managability

Rachel Mighell
Copperas Cove Texas
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hate it!
July 19, 2015
The hair in the crown broke off to 1/4 " in an area large enough for a yarmulke to cover. I had it professionally done on virgin hair. I just hope more does not break off as I will have to wear a wig.
Hair breakage at scalp in a large area.

4 Stars

May 26, 2015
I did not purchase this product myself however I had a stylist a salon use it on me.Its been 3 weeks and my hair has been breaking off and coming out in chucks ever since. The nape of my neck looks like someone took a buzzer to it. Its horrifying. Ive been advised the way to save my hair is to get an Olaplex treatment, use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and use protien rich products. This service cost me enough to start with. Not only am I losing my hair because of it, im losing all my money trying to fix it. Ugh.
Nope. Nope. Nope.
MAJOR hair breakage and damage.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia -Canada
4 Stars

get a professional to do this service
April 14, 2015
This is a service meant to be done in a salon. I do these and they are great. Don't try it at home. It would take you too long and the product will be in your hair for way too long.

Nags Head, nc
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome, but for professionals ONLY!!
April 8, 2014
This is a great product, but for anyone that somehow purchased it on their own and had bad results, it's probably because you aren't a hairdresser and you aren't supposed to be doing it yourself. We are educated on chemicals like this. If you did purchase this, it was probably expired first of all. Someone obtained it and are making money off of you, the company does not sell directly to the consumer. The amount of education it takes to master Relaxers/straighteners is far too extensive for someone with zero training to be able to master just by reading the directions. That goes for haircolor as well. If you want your hair done right, find a reputable hairdresser with training and keep your hair healthy by using professional products. There is a reason we go to school for this.
versatile: can be done bone straight or still keep wave. No damage on healthy hair. beautiful results

New Orleans
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

If u wanna go bald go ahead and buy it
March 5, 2014
My hair was virgin, i used the product for the specified amount of time and my hair is falling out in chunks. go for something else this product is a no-go
semi-straight hair
dry hair falling out hair in chunks

4 Stars

February 18, 2014
My hair is chemically straightened, my hair dresser applied this ISO Maintamer to my hair, 10 days later I colored it with permanent hair color. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. I would not recommend this to anyone with chemically treated hair....DO NOT USE!!!
Chemically treated hair do not use this product. Your hair should be virgin.

pasadena, ca
4 Stars

i m in loveeeeeeeee
February 8, 2014
hi everyone . when I bought this ISO Maintamer Straightening System , I thought this can be easy and is doesn't cust so much money like the others ones . so I got it for my self , I didn't see commercial anywhere, or anyone else told me about this product , I just found it by my self .... guys when I saw it ,I grab it and read the back of the box and I look it ,and I decide to buy it . I didn't know if it would be good for my hair like I was hoping , but turn out even better that I ever thought . this ISO Maintamer Straightening System its amazing ,it did make my hair so straight and much easy to blow out and flat iron .... ..before I used I read the rating about this product ,and I was so scare I most bring the dam thing back to the store . but then I kept reading the rest ,and some the girl love it ,so I end up reading the whole rating that ppl ratings , and I figured out what they did wrong . some the girl for sure apply the product when close to the roots ,, which if u do that any crme will be good for then . and some of the girl must apply roots to end , guys come u cant do that , u hair already have product on it ,, so will be no good for your hair . just put your self on your hair ... if u was hair and u is all good and heath , and then come some and make u drink more products ,, how you would feel ? yes exactly , u would feel like ( hey is to much I already have products I can handle I will be week and I will break and even worse die ). so that is true your hair will fall all off (die) , so what I did for not kill my hair , I fallow the how we do on the box , all the steps . and didn't not put on so close to my roots and I stop middle shaft . so already been 3 weeks.. after one week ,i apply the keratin products , for stay straight even when I shampoo . then after one week I coloring with black blue ... so it didn't fall off ,break the ends ,or died get bold . now my hair its feel like i born with straight , and never used products to make they look this straight . i was looking for this product like ISO Maintamer Straightening System crme forever , i couldn't find it easy .but now i m complete . i m going to hairs school for always help other girl with hair like my to look amazing and beautiful and feel so proud to have such amazing smooth hair . guys before i couldn't make my hair grown , but now i totally know how we make those kind of hair grown , i m in my way to have beautiful smooth hair . i learned at my school ,, the secret ...and i wouldn't never new it if i wouldn't apply to cosmetology school . i m so happy that i did and now i can help the other girls that dream to have long hair like the pussycatdolls ...yeahhhhh. ok this is good enough ,, i hope u guys learn it something and plz email me for questions i can totally will be happy to help . i m on face book too just look for sheilakarl or by my email ...okie cya and big hugs and good luck with ya.
totally recommend to my girls ..
just ready the whole box before u use it ,that so ....

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Do not like this!!
January 7, 2014
I attend a cosmetology school n on student service day I had to use an ISO straightener on my hair and the day I got it my hair was so beautiful that my mom went and got it done on her hair. The next day and I mean the very next day after I comb down my wrap I had piles of hair on my floor and sink. The back of my hair was completely broke off and i can't touch it without it breaking off. I went to school and my instructor, who did the treatment, had no idea what went wrong. She was at a lost when she seen my hair. I tried to contact ISO to see if they can tell me what's going on n I haven't got an response back yet. My mother called me and was screaming and yelling that her hair was falling out in humps and I know that her treatment was done correctly because our campus manager did it because it was the first time someone came in and ask for one. Can anyone help us. My hair was down to he middle of my back and now it barely touch my shoulders and my mom hair is now up to her ears because of the treatment..
Hair breaking and will not stop breaking

St. Louis mo
4 Stars

Love it!
January 4, 2014
This is the only product that will straighten my curly hair. It not only makes it straight but softer!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does what it claims but use caution
July 28, 2013
I have used the product a total of 4 times now over the course of 2 years and each time I have lost some hair. Although following instructions to the letter, and rinsing 10 minutes as required after step 1 and 5 after step 2, each time I have lost quite a bit of hair and my hair-colour which is natural not dyed has changed, my hair is lighter, which is not necessarily bad but leaves a regrowth which I don't like. After a few weeks when you touch my hair roots you can feel a regrowth like a toothbrush where the broken hairs are growing back, which means I have 4 different lengths of hair now and lots of flyaways in my very long hair. I am currently researching other options to tame my waves in future as I would like to avoid the hair loss.
Does straighten hair as intended. Treatment lasts several weeks on me and hair has been a lot easier to style, in fact I hardly straighten it now, just allow my hair to dry naturally with a bit of a wave. Hair is silkier after application.
Hair loss and lightening

Saint-Sauveur, QC, CANADA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

pretty good
July 24, 2013
okay...I was totally freaking out when I read the bad reviews here. I almost chickened out. My stylist talked me into it and so far so good! My hair is naturally curly and very processed. 90% of it is I was really nervous. I had no hair loss...fairly dry but otherwise it was a lot more manageable. It's still a little wavy but way less time straightening. This is something I will probably only do for the summer months when it is humid.
A lot quicker than the other straightening systems
Bad smell and a little damaging to hair

London, Ontario
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

By Haley from Miami, FL on December 13, 2011
Does anybody have the ingredients for this? I just purchased this and can somebody go into more detail and provide any extra tips on using this? I want to get it right the first time!
By Tinamarie from Florida on December 14, 2011

The first time I used this product was from a hairdresser. She charged me 80.00 to do my hair. When I found out how much the product cost, you can only imagine how mad I was that she charged me so much. Since then I have purchased it on my own and have used this product when my hair starts to grow out. I don't know what is in the product, but it does not burn and it does not hurt the hair and it works. Make sure you wash your hair first, leave it wet without a conditioner in it. I usually put it in a small bowl so it is easier to put the comb in the product and work through the hair. Use different clips to separate your hair and comb through each section. You must leave it in for 15 min. But make sure if you have a part that you part it the same way because it will straighten your hair the way you put it on your head. After 15 min. rinse the product and make sure you get it all out. Again don't use conditioner. The tube marked number 2 is the conditioner and a neutralizer. Again put it throughout your hair like you did the first time and leave in for 15 min. Rinse it out and feel how silky your hair is. Great product and I use it all the time for regrowth of new hair. It is a great product, never had any breakage nor does it burn your hair. I love this product because it not only straightens, but it still leaves my hair with some body. Good luck and follow the directions for use and you won't go wrong. My hair is very curly and I don't get anymore frizz in the humid weather here in Florida nor does it frizz in the rain. I will be ordering it again very soon from

By theresa ascanio from mohegan lake, new york on May 31, 2012
Can I dye my hair right before I use the Mane tamer? Or is it better to wait until after I use the product?

By Jodi from Fall River Ma on February 22, 2012
Can this product be used on ethic hair
By Lauren from Denver, CO on February 23, 2012

I'm not sure it would be strong enough but it won't hurt your hair.

By Nancy Torres from Puerto Rico on March 28, 2012
By Jo from Arizona on April 1, 2012

I use this product about a week prior to getting a Brazilian blowout. It seems to make the blowout last longer. I have also used this product after getting the Keratin straightening treatment at the salon. One word of advice watch your timing and don't leave it in your hair for a minute longer than what is recommended.

By Marcela from Freeport, New York on August 13, 2012
I used the main tamer in the beginning of June. It is now mid August. Can I use it again? I am noticing the regrowth at the roots ans bangs.

By kelle from atlanta on July 22, 2015
I just had mane tamer put on my hair says to wait three days before washing...however, I want to go to the gym and I know I will sweat (lots of salt) into my that ok? Or do I just need to lay off working out for three days as well as not washing? Thanks! Kelle

By janet schulgasser from Forest Hills, NY on April 26, 2015
Can ISO Maiantamer straightening system be used on hair that has keratin relaxer in it? Also, would I single process my hair before or after its application? Thanks.

By Karen from NJ on March 30, 2012
Is this OK to apply to yourself? I've been getting this done now for almost 8 years, and pay $150 for the whole head to be done. I would love to be able to save the $$. I pretty much know how my hair dresser does it. Are the instructions clear? Thanks in advance!
By brenda from Shreveport, LA on April 5, 2012

If you pretty confident that you can do it safely I dont see why not? I have a stylist friend and she do it for me.

By joanne from phillie on September 14, 2012
what ingredients are in this product

By Tish from Texas on December 2, 2012
why does it have an odor????? Is there something u can do for the smell? It smells like burnt hair even thou it's not burned hair. i love the product its great!!!!!!!!

By Patti Gonzalez from Oak Forest Illinois on January 27, 2014
My daughter and I have used the main tamer we both have done it 3 times total , she just had it done last weekend at Capri beauty school/ she had done the first 2 times at one location and this most resent one at another location. my question is that the 2nd location did the process totally different from the 1st. they put the tamer on her dry hair didn't use a clarifing shampoo/ didn't comb it thru 1/4 off her scalp but rubbed it on to her scalp which burned she the tech said it's just like a perm it 's going to burn. They didnt flat iron like the first they only used the blow dryer on a cool setting. and the very next day her started breaking off pretty bad. So which way is correct and what can she do to stopp the breakage or at least minimize it
Patti Gonzalez

By Debbie from Dayton Ohio on August 29, 2012
I uesd Maintamer on my hair 3 days ago and I loved it and I want to know how soon can I color my hair and I go to the salon and I use Paul Mitchell color.
By Debbie from STUART, FL on September 8, 2014

i have always been told by hair stylists to wait at least one-two weeks after using any straightener

By Marie from Hyde Park, New York on March 3, 2012
My hair is very curly and coarse, I would like to relax just a little, I still want it curly but a soft and curl. Can this do that and can I just air dry it without frizz?

By brenda from Shreveport, LA on April 5, 2012

This product is perfect for your type of hair. My curls are more soft now & my hair is more easy to work with. I use all the tamer products, the tamer foam is great for air dry without frizz.

By deanna from flin flon on November 10, 2012
i have a client who has extremely curly frizzy hair...she would like to leave it curly but not have lots of frizz or her other option is the mane tamer to straighten it. what can you tell me about keratin treatments.

By Ashley from houston, tx on July 25, 2012
Would anyone be able to give instructions on how to use it? my younger sister lost the paper and i can't find it. I really want to use the product but need the instructions...someone please help.
By teresa from Richmond va on January 4, 2015

First shampoo your hair with iso clarifier shampoo conditioner just clarifier shampoo...towel dry yor hair......apply step 1........ 2 inch away from scalp thru the ends use wide tooth comb.....keep 20 to 25 min make sure it doesnt touch your scalp ......after 25 min rinse....really well at least for 10 min........towel dry your hair again...and apply step 2.......step 2 is faster just keep that for 5 min. ......rinse that at least for 5 min..
Dont shampoo your hair........just a little bit of iso conditioner......towel dry your hair and apply ISO foam and blow dry your works great.....this treatment is good for virgin hair.....or hair that never use a higher developer ......

By Efimia Sarayias from Younatown on August 19, 2013
If it doesn't work how often can u do it?

By Carol from Katonah, NY on October 26, 2012
Can a manetamer treatment be done the same day as a hair color

By melanie from alabama on June 16, 2012
I tagged a picture of my hair! How much do you think this product will straighten my hair?

By Sandra Miller from Scarsdale, NY on June 18, 2012
Does product contain formaldehyde?

By mariola from puerto rico on February 27, 2015
Is suppose to do it with hot hot wter the first and the second step?

ISO Maintamer Straightening System