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Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker


Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker - 4.1 oz 

item# : 2490-4-1-oz


Size : 4.1 oz
  • Size : 4.1 oz
  • DiscontinuedJoico Design Collection Humidity Blocker - 4.1 oz

    Size : 4.1 oz / $14.39

Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker is a finishing shield. Designed for all hair types to lock out humidity, eliminate frizz and prevent the style from collapsing.

** pictured is the 4.1 oz. size

Designed to offer ultimate protection against humidity, this unique formula literally imparts an invisible protective barrier around each hair strand to lock out style-robbing moisture all day. Locks out humidity, eliminating frizz and preventing styles from collapsing. Also reduces dry time when used on damp hair prior to blow-drying.

  • A groundbreaking fusion of essential lipids, UVA/UVB filters and antioxidants to protect hair by shielding against ozonic and free radical damage.
  • A technologically superior combination of lightweight polyurethane resins to deliver maximum, long-lasting flexibility to any style.
  • An exclusive blend of low molecular weight and size proteins (MWS 150-2500) that adheres quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and reconstruction from cuticle to the cortex.

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    By Mike Gleason from Baltimore, MD. on November 14, 2012
    I saw that you were out of stock. When will you be getting in this product?

    Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker