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Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book


Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book - Color Chart 

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  • Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book - Color Chart

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Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book

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Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book

By sandra from texas on April 7, 2014
Can u use elumen in Grey hair
By Customer Service on April 10, 2014

Yes, this hair color can be used on gray hair however if your maintenance requires you to wash your hair daily/every day, then you should avoid using it.

This color is considered permanent and ammonia free but will not work well under water if it is not used properly with Elumen Wash and Elumen Lock.

By Diana from San Jose, CA on August 19, 2013
I recently purchase a bottle of Goldwell's 20 volume developer and Topchic pro permanent hair color in Medium Brown (4N). I read reviews that the color turns out dark which concerns me since I"m about to color my hair soon. I would like the color of my hair to be a Medium chocolate brown (not too dark). I currently have very dark brown hair with partial highlights in the front. I'm about 40% gray in the temples and crown areas. Could you recommend a color mix that would look nice on me. I don't want too much of a drastic change--one thing I do know is I don't like when my brown hair turns brassy (yuck!). Would you recommend a color with Ash? I'm completely unfamliar with Goldwell's colors--this is my first time tryin them. I will attach 3 photos below. Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide! Diana

By Rita from Houston, TX on October 24, 2013
I'd like to color my hair with Goldwell Elumen. It's difficult to find color charts online, and so I was thinking of ordering this book, first, to see the actual samples of colors. After I choose the color I want for my hair, then I'd order it from your website. Question: does this sound like it would work? I mean, could I just choose a color this way? I might mix a couple of colors - not sure yet. Thanks. (I have light ash brown hair with some grays. I want to avoid reddish/orangish/yellowish tones as they don't look good with my skin tone. I want to cover grays and make my mousy light brown hair shiny!)

By Amelia Berry from North Carolina on January 6, 2014
Does goldwell sell a Topchic color chart?

By jameka from southfield mi on April 27, 2012
does elumen make a black hair color

Goldwell Elumen Color Chart Book