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Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment
Paul Brown Hawaii


Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment - 33 oz 

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Size : 33 oz
  • Size : 33 oz
  • Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment  - 33 oz

    Size : 33 oz / $300.00 $249.99

Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment contains a formaldehyde-free formula that is safe and non-toxic. This Keratin Straightening Treatment is formulated to straighten hair while also leaving it healthier, shinier, silkier, and more manageable. Restores damaged hair.

Paul Brown Hawaii’s Hapuna Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment’s synergistic formulation is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE, contains no Thio, Sodium Hydroxide, or Aldehyde or other harsh chemicals. We have developed new technology that provides you with the best environmentally safe product for straight hair fashion with complete confidence and superior results.

Advanced polymer and copolymer technology, combined with a unique hydrolyzed keratin rich base delivers optimum results. The special formulation penetrates to the cortex of the hair shaft, gently correcting damaged areas, and restructuring the hair from the inside out. It will transform unruly, frizzy, or curly textures into ultimately manageable, easily stylable, silky smooth, glossy hair. Finally, gentle enough to be used over previously relaxed, color-treated, or highlighted hair, other keratin treatments, and the Japanese Straightening system.

Size: 33 ounce liter size can be used for 8 to 12 applications.

May be used after color services or over any previous chemical hair straightening system.


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Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment
3 Stars based on 21 Review(s)
Rude response to my call the product did not work.
August 25, 2015
Professional for 30 years. Successful with many straighteners and treatments. The PB Hapuna keratin treatment does not work. After the first shampoo hair returns back into its original condition. Understandably people are disappointed with results. I called the 1-800 Customer service. The owner of the TX. Paul Brown establishment called me back. When I explained the treatment did not work. He became very defensive and told me to "Put the boxing gloves down or did I want to fight about it! " Shocked by the way I was spoken to. I told him I want to be reimbursed the cost of these products. He told me off "Yeah call BLANK and tell him I said give you your $ back". I asked who is that and the phone? He said, "You should know, he's the owner of the beauty supply!"
Product is a waste of time, work and money for the stylist and the client.

3 Stars

This treatment is a rip off!!! Don't waste your money!!!
September 23, 2012
My hair looked so beautiful the first week I had this hair straightening treatment done . However, after the first wash my hair became frizzier and super brittle. I also experienced hair loss. It's been three weeks since my treatment and my hair has never looked this bad. I only use professional products so as you can see I take good care of my hair. This is the first and last time I will ever straighten my hair.
It causes hair damage.

3 Stars

So Far So Good.
September 20, 2012
This is my third week since I had the straightening treatment done and I have no complains thus far. After the application my hair was super smooth, manageable and shinny. More importantly, it stayed "Chinese" straight in 90 degree-humid weather. I do have kinky-frizzy, spiral, tight curls. I haven't seen any damage. The damage that I have is from previous use of tons of hair gel, mousse, heat, flat ironing, etc., etc. (my hair breaks whether it's curly or straight and I have tried numerous expensive professional hair products). I'm only skeptical about the "all natural ingredients" I read the bottle and the ingredients are not listed... This is fishy!
Instant Results Silky, shinny hair Curls' texture more manageble Less blow drying time
Expensive Time consuming process Ammonia/Peroxide Odor during application Had to Leave on for 3 days before washing

Hoboken, NJ
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

21 years licensed Cosmetologist - Best on the Market
March 22, 2012
I have performed hundreds of Keratin services and used almost every professional line and nothing comes close to the results I have achieved with the Paul Brown Hapuna. I personally believe that most of these reviews are from employees of other companies practicing pathetic negative campaigns against their competition. The results are awesome, healthy, de-frizzed, conditioned and radiant. Unless someone used this completely incorrectly none of the horror stories here cold have happened. As a stylist I will never go back to formaldehyde producing poisonous products, for my sake and that of my clients. Jamie Nicholson - Artistic Director A'nue Salon Crystal River, Fl. (352) 563-2110
Finding it for sale on the internet

Jamie Nicholson
Crystal River, Fl
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not worth it for very curly hair
June 29, 2011
I had this done at my salon - the stylist did explain that this was not a "straightener", more like a relaxer - but I got very minimal results. I do have very curly frizzy hair, but I literally got maybe a 5% improvement in frizz and curl. I mean, I did get a LITTLE bit of results, but definitely NOT worth the $250 plus $50 tip plus $50 in Paul Brown shampoo/conditioners/spray I had to purchase as well. Just my opinion - maybe for people with less curly hair it would work better, but for me, definitely not.

3 Stars

OMG, its natural
February 2, 2011
If you do not do this right, and a lot of things need to be right, it will damage hair. So the people who did the treatment probably did not really know what they were doing.
its natural

s del
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Did not work at all
January 1, 2011
This is my second time having my hair straightened with Keratin. The first time was with a different product and it worked perfectly. This second time, the stylist had switched the product to Paul Brown Hapuna Keratin Straightening Treatment. I am completely disappointed. $300 later, my hair looks frizzy and curly. This product is NOT effective. I am going to ask for a redo or a refund.
Product does not work

Los Angeles
3 Stars

Big disappointment
December 28, 2010
I had the treatment at the salon and paid $300 plus a $50 tip. The improvement was maybe 10% at most. I feel ripped off.
minimal improvement

Mary Daniel
Honolulu, Hawaii
3 Stars

You will be sorry
October 26, 2010
I'm a license hair stylist and I decided to use this on myself. The product took out about 5% of my frizz, which isn't worth it, and it also left breakage. In all the years I've done things to my hair this is the first product to break my hair off, and it was quite healthy to begin with.
reduced my frizz by 5%
hair - BREAKAGE Dull still frizzy

Montclair, nj
3 Stars

Terrible-Not even worth 1 Star
August 24, 2010
I had this done last week in a very reputable salon. Prior to the treatment I had a lot of loose curls but it tended to get frizzy in the summer. Not only is my hair is frizzier that it was before, its very dry. Every day I find more split ends and more breakage. So now my hair looks horrible whether I wear it curly or straight. I'm going to have to cut it all off.

3 Stars

Had it done yesterday, I am in love.
June 27, 2010
Had it done yesterday, I am in love. I have multi culture hair, Most days it is beautiful, but it is very fizzy on humid days and when I work out. I have mastered the blow dryer. People love my hair , but I am very careful not to get caught outside in bad weather. I never go in the water, but I love the water. I am hoping that this will set me free to enjoy what I love. I will let you know.
silky soft and beautiful
none that I can see

port jefferson, new york
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hapuna vs. Diva Smooth
May 27, 2010
I have been using Diva Smooth ( for about 6 months now and I am in love with this 100% natural product. I have either straight smooth flowing hair or soft lucious managable curls. My friend was just about to place an order for her Diva Smooth Kit but came across a stylists that told her about Hapuna Keratin Straightening Treatment. So she went for it! Honestly her hair is straight, but her curls aren't as vibrant as mines. She says that the Hapuna changed her curl pattern and it's not like it originally was. I even noticed that her hair lacked the shine that I acheieved with Diva Smooth. It only says that the ingredients are environmentally safe but nothing about it actually being 100% natural/organic as Janelle Beauty confidently states. Well wording may be smart, but I think people need to use their commen sense and read between the lines when believing something NATURAL can straighten your hair for 3 months...hhhhmmmm sounds suspicious...What do you all think?

Stephanie Hill
Houston, Tx
3 Stars

Better than using my past relaxers!
May 18, 2010
Considering I was paying this much for relaxers that damage my hair, I say this product is a great use of my hard earned money. It made my hair much more easier to straighten and it's straighter. I'm currently transitioning to my natural hair, and I can see these products as part of this process. You just have to follow the process EXACTLY or you WILL screw it up. Pros: 1. Easier and healthier than a relaxer. 2. Made my hair easier to straighten than other products Cons: 1. Process will be confusing for some 2. Smells a little funky DO NOT use products with sulfates in them, it will frizz your hair out. You shouldn't be using them anyways.

Chicago, IL
3 Stars

A Curly Hair Miracle
April 17, 2010
I have tried Chi straightening, spent hundreds on flat irons and products, blowouts and no-frizz serums. My corse, curly and frizzy hair ruled my life. I read about this product after hearing about it in a magazine. I thought it was just another hair gimmick, but decided to give it a try since it was not permanent. WOW, my hair has never been so soft and smooth and easy to manage. I can air dry it, straighten it in 10 minutes or wear it curly. I actually have gone a whole week without using a single product on my hair. I am hooked for life.

Milwaukee, WI
3 Stars

No Difference at all
April 13, 2010
I had my Hapuna Keratin treatment 4 days ago and just washed it yesterday. Well, I was surprised... I expected to find the least difference, but there's absolutely none. My frizzy curly short unmanageable damaged hair is still just the same. I paid a lot for the formula and for having it done at a salon... I followed the steps as their book. I'm awfully disappointed and don't know if there's anything I can do to get the least result.
I didn't lose my curls..
No change whatsoever

Cairo, Egypt
3 Stars

this thing is a miracle!
March 8, 2010
I was about 21 when i first tried this product, and it worked INSTANTLY!!!! my hair was soft, silky, and long. it was amazing.i went from crazy, unmanagable hair to silky smooth and soft. I would recomend this to ANYONE. it doesnt damage your hair like other relaxers, and it lasts 6 months. it takes a little while the first time, but the retouches are a breeze. as soon as you are finished, you cant miss the difference, your hair is instantlt healthy and will stay healthy. It only takes me about 20 minutes to syle my hair right after I get this done. This is the best thing that I have ever tried on my hair, and ive been using it for 2 years now.

Denver, CO
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 3, 2010
I had semi curly hair prior to the treatment, I wasted 3 days with greasy dirty hair only to find once I washed it there was no change to my semi curly hair. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Absolutely terrible - don't waste your time or money.
Costly Didn't work

Montclair, NJ
3 Stars

So far my hair is smooth
February 15, 2010
Its 1 week since I had the Paul Brown Hapuna keratin treatment. My stylist recommended Pureology shampoo and conditioner which I use. So far my hair is smooth, straight, thick, no frizz at all in 70 degree nasty humidity. Its due for a little color soon. and I'm hoping this treatment will last awhile. I love it...

Miami, FL
3 Stars

Horrible hair
February 13, 2010
I had silky, beautiful hair until I had a treatment with the "Hapuna" straightening treatment. My hair is broken and split at the ends, has no shine and is terribly damaged. It will take a long time to grow out. I am miserable.
Hair is now dry and damaged, split and broken.

New York
3 Stars

surprise it works
December 29, 2009
i used this product 3 times and in my hair the third time is the charm its been 5 mos. since i last applied the product and it's still smooth blow dry are a breeze. no harsh chemicals. and my hair is more conditioned than before.
on hair like mine black curly not kinky. it took 3 applications but it's been 5 mo. and it's still smooth
cost and application time

rcho cucamonga,CA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Review for Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment
June 10, 2009
How do you use this product?

3 Stars

By Hano from Alexandria, Egypt on February 24, 2012
I bought hapuna. Straightening treatment Please send me the direction for use or send me vedio showing how can I use

By Kimberly brown from King of Prussia, pa on December 30, 2012
Does this come in a smaller size?

By Hano from Egypt,alexandria on March 5, 2012
What is the direction of use

By lolaa from egypt on January 7, 2012
I would like to know the technique for using such therapy as I have no facility of a salon and i need to apply it at home

By azza from egypt on September 29, 2012
How many dayes i shoud put it on my hare

Paul Brown Hapuna - Hawaiian Keratin Straightening Treatment