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Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector


Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector - Color Corrector Kit 

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Option : Color Corrector Kit
  • Option : Color Corrector Kit
  • Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector - Color Corrector Kit

    Option : Color Corrector Kit / $21.99

What it is:
Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector is an innovative color corrector that gently removes unwanted permanent color, with a non-progressive, precise control formula that contains no ammonia, peroxide, bleach or formaldehyde.

What it does:

For: Anyone who requires slight, partial, or full color correction. It may be used to lighten up a shade that is too dark, to fix darkened ends, or to correct an at-home color application.

What it does: It gently removes any level of permanent, oxidative hair color, no matter how long it has been in the hair. The exclusive SHSA complex reverses the bonds of oxidative dye molecules, allowing for safe and effective color removal, bringing the hair back to its pre-colored state. The conditioning catalyst promotes unsurpassed shine and condition.


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How: Combine equal parts of Step 1 (color reducer) and Step 2 (conditioning catalyst). Apply, using applicator bottle or bowl and brush. The thick, creamy consistency ensures quick, easy, and precise application. Process up to 20 minutes, with or without heat. Rinse and shampoo twice, using Sensories™ Clarify™ Shampoo. Apply Step 3 (or 10 volume developer) and process for 10 minutes to activate any remaining color molecules left in the hair. If hair darkens, repeat the entire process (Steps 1, 2, and 3) up to 3 times if necessary. If hair doesn't darken, rinse and shampoo one last time.

Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector uses a unique chemistry that reverses the oxidative color process by breaking the bonds of color molecules, so color can be removed safely and effectively by merely shampooing the hair. The thick, rich formula provides maximum control, allowing stylists to apply Elimin8 to only the areas that need color correction. It is effective on all hair types and does not contain ammonia, peroxide, bleach, or formaldehyde. Elimin8 allows the salon professional to correct virtually any unsatisfactory oxidative permanent color process and therefore it is indispensable in the salon. The product has no unpleasant odor. The kit contains a 4-ounce bottle of color reducer, a 4-ounce bottle of conditioning catalyst and a 4-ounce bottle of processing lotion. The number of applications varies, depending on whether being used for slight or full color corrections.

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Beauty Blog
Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector
5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
June 8, 2016
After months of using black box dye, I decided I wanted to put in applications for jobs that just so happen to require "professional hair". Black with 3 inches of light brown regrowth isn't professional sadly. I'm soooo glad I happened upon this product before my inevitable resorting to bleaching! First application removed half of the black dye and considerably lightened the rest! It didn't kill my hair! So happy!! I would suggest using this outside or with your windows open tho lol
Works amazingly, doesn't do much damage to hair, doesn't take long.
Smells bad!

Conroe, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The best hair product I've ever tried
August 15, 2014
Yes, it smells like death BUT it SAVED my hair! I had been using REDKEN EQ but my hairdresser messed up the color the first time, it came out too dark the first time and the worst part is that it didn't fade at all. So I kept using REDKEN (though using lighter colors), to cover my whites and roots. I look horrible with dark hair, to be honest, and actually like my natural hair color. I'd been dreading the idea of getting highlights, but didn't want to start the school year looking like a goth and so gave Elimin8 a try AND IT WORKED!!!!! I had to do 2 applications (not the end of the world) and my scalp was a little itchy (so I'm glad I didn't need a third one!) but who cares. My color is back, my hair doesn't seem to have been damaged at all and all is well with the world!!!! (I so hope the smell goes away soon...). Also, the product is really easy to apply, doesn't drip or stain and only takes 20 minutes per application. Not super cheap, but really not that expensive. SO SO SO SO VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT.
I GOT MY HAIR COLOR BACK!! My rare dark blonde color that I so stupidly dyed is back!
Smells awful, made my scalp itch for like 2 minutes.

Louisville, KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Saved Me!
September 27, 2013
My daughter convinced me I'd look great with red hair and, in the spirit of trying something new, I gave it a shot. But, yikes, I hated it! I searched the web and came across this product, and was fortunately able to get it—and for a great price. Best of all, it worked as promised. I followed the directions to the T and ALL the red dye came out of my natural blonde hair. My hair was a bit dry for a few days and smell a little like I'd gotten a perm, but the end result was better than expected! Thank you so much sleek for offering this!

Arcadia, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector
May 18, 2012
I used this twice in a row and it did not dry my hair out. I followed it with a pH balancing conditioner and was able to highlight right after without any breakage or dryness.
Worked well.
It smells bad, but not as bad as some.

De Pere, WI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

rusk elimin8 color corrector kit
December 25, 2011
performed as promised

sarah everett
canton, ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very impressive
October 4, 2010
i dye my hair for at least 15 year so wasnt expecting much from this product but wanted to try anyway as my hair got lil too dark with dark brown an was lookin black :p equal parts of step one an two an another part of shampoo for 30 minutes actuallly brought my natural hair color back, i was shocked, didnt even remember how my natural color looked :) cant be happier. my hair is still healthy an shiny, did not feel any difference on the texture but it smells really really bad :p like those straightening chemical products :p seriously!!! but i very much recomend it an would do it again if needed! :)

Ana Mannella
Gold Coast
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works great!!
April 5, 2010
I colored my hair, a few times with "med. brown" hair color. Every time I colored my hair it looked too dark. This product took out only the unwanted hair color and left my hair its nautral color. I was so happy I decided not to recolor my hair - I'd forgotten how pretty my true color is. Thanks!

Donna Jones
Oceanside, Ca
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

By Roy from Portland, Or. on October 5, 2012
Can I use elimin8 RUSK over hair with highlights? Or can I bleach hair after using elimin8?
By caroline andress from ny on August 11, 2013

can i color and highlight after using elimin8

By Lisa from lafayette,Louisiana on May 3, 2013
Does it remove metallic hair dyes?

Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector