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AccuTec Personna

AccuTec Blades, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty, medical and professional blades and tools, is dedicated to creating the highest quality, most innovative product to satisfy the needs of our customers. No matter what the industry or need, we are dedicated to providing customers with quality products that improve productivity, reduce overall costs of manufacturing and processing, reduce waste and injuries, and improve outcomes. Our tagline:"Engineered to Perform" captures the essence of our approach. Driven by Engineering, focused on blade performance, our blades are of the highest quality and provide the best performance. No matter what the process, industry or need, AccuTec Blades deliver for our customers around the world. From the most basic to the most advanced product, our goal is to deliver quality, performance and innovation. Our commitment to deliver innovative products began 140 years ago, when we introduced the first safety razor manufactured in the United States. Building on our rich legacy, we have continued to design and manufacture dependable products that make work simpler and more productive. Today, AccuTec's Personna brand is hailed as the top brand by professionals and consumers around the globe.

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AccuTec Personna