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American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery System

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery System offers men a simple solution for thicker, fuller and stronger hair. Guys generally don’t scare easily. They’ll kill that big spider in the kitchen or get up in the middle of the night to investigate strange noises. But there are two words that can make any man look as if he’s seen a ghost: thinning hair. Men can start losing their hair at any age and it can be terrifying. Not everyone can pull it off like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel or even Natalie Portman for that matter. If your clients are searching for a simple solution, American Crew, the leading manufacturer of grooming products for men, presents Trichology – a unique and convenient hair recovery system renowned by hair stylists and backed by science. Its patented formula – hops, rosemary, swertia japonica and silica recovers fuller, thicker, stronger hair and prolongs hair life. American Crew’s three Trichology products work together and are designed for every hair type and scalp.

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American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery System