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Annie's Way

In 2009 we established a new brand "Annie' s Way" as an exclusive line of various facial mask for the consumer. These premier items created will soon reach above 100 different types, which has offerings covering moisture, whitening agents, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-allergy, crystal jelly, and other areas (eyes, hand, foot, lip, belly, chest, etc) to satisfy consumer needs. We use high quality professional essence and premium facial mask cloth, so we obtain 100% repeat buyers. Our products go through a stringent SGS process and examined by qualified quality control agencies.

Annie Wu, the founder of Annie's Way, pursues Nature and Quality, so applies this spirit to the design of masks. The ingredients of masks are natural, effective, and also with skin care concept.

"Butterfly" logo symbolizes one of nature's miracles given to us - the gift of TRANSFORMATION! This beautiful process happens when a common caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly. We hope that when you use Annie's Way products, we have also bestowed that gift to you. \n\nIf you like facial masks, embrace "Annie's Way!"

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