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Color Treated Hair Care

Color treated hair requires extra care and attention for long lasting results. Our wide variety of supplemental products including shampoos, glosses and masques are designed to hold the maximum amount of color that consistently replenish and condition hair.

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Sleekhair Secret

This shampoo and conditioner contains no sulfates to ensure color safety for all hair types.

When applying the shampoo, try massaging your scalp with your fingertips rather than your nails to avoid breakage at the roots!

This formula contains extracts of chamomile and henna with mild cleansing agents to help preserve the radiance of color treated and chemical treated hair.

The mild formula is gentle enough for everyday use!

The Macadamia Masque fills your hair with an unbelievably delicious fruity and floral scent that lasts even after it's washed out!

Infused with tea tree oil extracts, this masque helps to rebuild and rejuvenate your hair.

Orchid and UV filters in this masque are perfect for nourishing and protecting color treated hair.

The creamy texture envelopes each individual strand without leaving a greasy feel.

Cellophanes act as a lip gloss for your hair! This will be an accessory you can't live without.

Use the "clear" treatment to add gloss to your hair, or choose a colored gloss to enhance your current color.

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