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Line, define, shape and make your eyes pop with our diverse variety of eyeliners.            

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Sleekhair Secret

This pencil is great for everyday use. It glides on easily, creating a perfect defined line around eyes. It comes in so many eye popping colors that we canít help but try them all.

Try adding the white shade at the inner corner of your eyes to make eyes pop even more.

The pencil is creamy and smooth, so it glides on easily and lasts all day. Perfect for taking on the go, as it can touch up both your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

For a colorful and vivid look, use one of the vivid jumbo eye pencil colors to fill your lid, and use the same color to line the bottom of your eye. Change it up with a different pencil color on the top and bottom for a unique look.

This is the ultimate liquid eyeliner. Each color is rich and intense and the thin, firm brush allows you to create the perfect line.

Use this liner to create the popular cat eye look, or wear it for a night out since itíll never smudge or smear.

Itís waterproof and doesnít clump, which makes it the perfect liner to wear all day and night. It also comes in multiple colors that complement every skin tone and outfit.

Since itís waterproof, itís great to wear during the summer at the pool or beach, and when skin is more prone to sweat and oil.

This liquid eyeliner stays in place, as it was created to form a waterproof layer of color that doesnít smudge or fade. Itís also easily removed, as it simply slides off your eyes with warm water.

Itís great for contact lens wearers, since it doesnít fall or flake off.

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