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From natural to dramatic looks, applying eyeshadow is the ideal way to bring a stunning focus to eyes. The results are endless with the wide range of eyeshadows we offer.

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Sleekhair Secret

These shadows come in every color imaginable that can be used for all occasions, day and night.

For richer pigment, slightly wet your brush and blend over base. NYX Eye Shadow Base in White Pearl is great for an extra brightening effect.

These shadows are packed with rich pigment and extra shine that achieve the perfect look for a night out and special occasions.

For a bold look and adding extra depth to your look, use the NYX Eye Blender Brush (B10) to effortlessly blend two glam shadows on your lids.

The amazing silky texture allows effortless blending. Comes in a variety of subtle and bold shades.

We love combining nude matte shadows with glam shadows. For an eye popping look that can be worn day or night, try “Kiss the Day” nude matte shadow on the lid with glam shadow, “Craving” on the crease.

The colors have high intensity and pigment that come with an easy-to-apply brush.

To achieve a lighter shade, dab the cream shadow on your lid and then blend with your finger.

These shadows create the perfect matte and chic look, and also allow easy blending.

There’s no fuss with excess sparkle so the matte finish is great to wear to work or during the day for a natural appearance.

Many looks can be created with each individual shadow. It gives a multi-dimensional look with one sweep of your brush over all the colors. You can also use each individual color to highlight.

Take these shadows along when you’re traveling or on the go since there are a lot of colors in one!

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