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Permanent Hair Color

Transform your hair into a multitude of vibrant colors and shades
with these top of the line hair color brands and products.

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Sleekhair Secret

This is a high-performance hair color that not only colors your hair, but also works to repair hair, smoothing porous and damaged strands deep inside the hair shaft for a sleeker look.

Elumen is great when coloring hair for the first time. Use Elumen to make your hair more vibrant, stay the same shade, or go darker (do not use to lighten). Always apply to dry hair!

Topchic contains a special Color Link technology that ensures accurate and even pigment distribution from scalp to ends.

This color must be used in conjunction with Goldwell developer lotion.

Joico contains a reconstructive formula that specifically works to protect your hair during the coloring process.

No need to shampoo. Simply apply to hair, and rinse after processing!

Textures and Tones are designed specifically for ethnic hair. It creates hair that is more elastic and moisture rich.

This is one of the only permanent dyes that contains no ammonia.

CHI has a silky cream base for added moisture, and a smooth application.

This product must be mixed with CHI Color Generator. Be sure to mix equal parts of color and developer.

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