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Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair colors come in a variety of forms and shades that add vivid color to hair
without any commitment.

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Colorsmash Hair Shadow has the widest variety of crazy colors including Atomic Yellow, So Jaded Tea, and Mango Tango Orange. The application is super simple –you just rub the chalk back and forth over your hair.

For the best results, you should apply the chalk to damp hair, especially if you have darker hair. With blonde or light hair, be sure to apply it to dry hair. For long lasting results and to avoid flaking, iron or curl your hair Be sure to hairspray to finish.

It's easy to use and isn't messy. If it does get on skin or clothes, it's water-soluble and washes away quickly with water. The color stays true to the shade in the bottle. Plus, all Tribal Pigments products are organic.

Make sure to wear plastic gloves because of the rich pigment. It also doubles as body paint (what a steal!), so it is safe for your skin.

Jerome Russell uses a spray application which is quick and easy, and the color dries instantly. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors, glitter sprays and semi-permanent hair coloring sprays. Also, a little goes a long way to create dramatic hair color.

Although the color dries quickly, if you don't hairspray it in, the coloring sometimes becomes powdery and starts to come out. But if you hairspray after your application, you are good to go!

It comes in temporary natural hair colors that condition and increase gloss and color brilliance. It's also free of alkalinity, ammonia, and oxidants. Each application lasts 6-8 shampoos.

Use it to restore color, highlights and vibrancy to your hair between salon visits. It lasts longer than most temporary hair color brands and with a mousse application it is easy to get smooth, even coverage.

Like Goldwell Color Mousse, Rashell Masc-a-gray also comes in an assortment of natural hair colors. It comes with a mascara applicator that is perfect for small touch ups, graying roots, adding highlights, and blending color into roots.

This product is highly recommended for men to use on their beards or mustaches. Rashell Masc-a-Gray is also highly rated by many customers and comes at a great price!

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