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chill* is a brand of professional colour, hair care, styling and finishing products that fuses leading-edge formulations with contemporary brand styling. Being cool is about following your own sense of style and self-expression. It's about individuality and being true to who you are. That's what chill* is all about. chill* products are formulated to the highest professional specification to deliver ultimate performance that puts you in control of your style. Hairdressers and barbers want to push creative boundaries and create era defining colour innovations and styles. They demand products that deliver results for their clients. In the salon and at home, chill* empowers you to define your look or experiment without limitation. Our products have the verstality to perfect and maintain conventional colours and styles, and the diversity to break rules, challenge convention and deliver bold, dynamic, avant garde creations that shock and amaze. With bold graphics, chill*'s distinctive brand style has swagger, attitude and verve that gives it distinctive appeal and the originality you need to create a look of your own.

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