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The use of specially engineered molecules that attach themselves to damage sites on the keratin molecule which were created by oxidation. These “bond builders” are intended to correct the effects of this oxidative damage which includes visible dullness, dryness, brittleness and weakness to the point of breakage. These products are particularly remarkable because those that actually accomplish this bonding and produce a strong, silky and pliable result in the hair can not be simply rinse or easily shampooed from the hair. This means long lasting benefits.

It is also engineered to not interfere with chemical services, so you do not have to change your color formula by increasing the volume of developer, nor do you have to process the hair 10 extra minutes or more.

Although colorpHlex is an engineered molecule it is made with a natural vegetable protein combined with a bond building complex center on the second most abundant element on the planet. It’s a marriage made in “hair heaven” giving your hair the best of both worlds.

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