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Generation Klean

Generation Klean was born after a very frightening cancer scare left Co-Founder, Jasmine Abedi, desperately searching for well-functioning cosmetic and hair products that were void of toxic chemicals linked to many growing cancers among men and women. Given the limited availability of these products, Generation Klean was born to provide men and women with a healthier and trend setting alternative that far surpasses the world’s most popular cosmetic and hair brands. At Generation Klean, Co-Founders Jasmine Abedi and JD Larson believe in creating products that further enhance nature’s original intent: a pure mind, body, and soul. Generation Klean’s products are created with integrity and care, using unique formulations but never losing sense of beauty and fashion. With a distinctive product line, which includes only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and a wide ranging color palette, everyone is sure to find the answer to his or her beauty needs. Not only are Generation Klean’s customers using products which truly enhance their outer beauty, but their minds are also not consumed with concern that they are using toxic parabens, glycols, sulfates, or PPD’s on their bodies. Given the exclusive formulations, Generation Klean products are loved by dermatologists and skincare professionals and are a favorite among many Hollywood celebrities. Generation Klean’s products represent a new generation, a Generation Klean.

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