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Gigi Wax - Hair Removal

GiGi hot wax is the number one selling hair removal wax in the beauty industry. Gigi hot honey waxes contains high quality ingredients to provide you with incredible results in removing hair at the root. Gigi is therefore the industry leader in hair removal using hot waxes. GiGi Honee Hair Removal Products is specifically designed to effectively remove hair at the roots while leaving your skin bump free and smooth. Due to the quality of its formulas and the wide range of waxes, wax products and waxing accessories offered by Gigi, Gigi Honey Hot Wax is trusted by millions of salon professionals across the country. Waxing is the preferred method of superfluous hair removal for many women. GiGi Honee’s easy to use wax will safely remove hair on even the most sensitive of skins. Gigi Hot Wax is gentle enough for delicate areas because it instantly leaves skin free of hair while being smooth and sleek. If redness occurs after waxing, there are products available to reduce the visibility of the redness, and help soothe the skin.

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Gigi Wax - Hair Removal