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Goldnine Ink

In fashion, as in art, there are no rules – all that matters is if it creates the right statement. At the intersection of fashion and art, you’ll find new ways to wear things, to experience things, and to see things – consider us a new layer of accessory on the skin that is cleverly, beautifully decorative and fashion forward. goldnine ink™ is a stunning line of Safe + Non-toxic metallic Temporary Tattoos, that reflect jewelry – appropriate for any occasion and social situation. With a help of a little water, simply apply to your skin and you will inked to the 'nines' in no time. Your tattoos will last from 4 – 6 days depending on placement of them- but if you want to remove them sooner, just rub a little oil and it will scrub right off. Every goldnine ink™ collection is unique and provide an infinite amount of possibilities to shine bright with. Sky’s the limit, so apply liberally and stay golden!

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