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Hicks Total Transformations

On behalf of Hicks Total Transformations International Inc, We would like to personally Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to introduce Hicks Total Transformations products to the global market. Since we first started in 1978, it’s been our Dream to make a special difference in people’s lives through our business, With so many life-changing products already received into the hands of our wonderful customers and friends, and now with your help, we know that together we’re on our way to realizing that dream. Together, Ruth's and EJ's skills in Production and Marketing create the Total Business System aimed at providing the consumer with Total Transformation Satisfaction. Together they analyze the need of people in order to predict the type of product needed for different hair conditions. By researching the number of people with hair care problems they have successfully produce products to solve millions of customers’ hair care problems from hair breakage and help to educate stylists on what best to use to stop the problem. Many clients rely on Hicks Total Transformations products to help them achieve their goal to have healthy hair, We know you, and your loved ones have goals towards healthy hair too. And with that I want to promise you: “We will always put forth our best effort to provide you safe, quality, and industry-leading products to help you and your clients reach those goals… you’ve got our word on it!”

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