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It Factor

It Factor was created when the founder, beauty Industry veteran Mark Stiller, was waiting (and waiting) for his wife to blow-dry her hair as they were rushing to go out. He decided to make a professional line of hair products focused purely on making blow-drying easier and quicker.

Using the latest ingredients and technology they produced the first shampoo and conditioner duo designed to reduce drying and styling time without damaging the hair. This was then followed up by 2 unique styling products, one for fine to medium hair and the other for thicker and coarser hair.

All It Factor products are formulated to make blow-drying easier, quicker and longer lasting. Hair is left healthy, smooth and light resulting in hair staying clean for longer and styles lasting longer.

It Factor products are safe for all hair types as they are free of harsh alcohol, sulfates, sodium chloride and parabens and are great for extensions.

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