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John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet began with the idea to offer high end salon grooming products for pet. With Mr. John Paul DeJoria's expertise in creating natural, high quality salon formulations, he brings the same quality and expertise to pet shampoos for your dog or cat. All of the products have be carefully formulated to have teh correct pH level for dogs and cats. John Paul Mitchell has a passion for pets. So he developed a line of products specifically formulated for the special needs of dogs and cats. This pet collection contains 6 concentrated shampoos are formulated with higher PH levels that are balanced for sensitive pet skin and coats (the PH factors in people shampoos are too low for pets, and can cause pet skin to itch and flake). In addition to our refreshing shampoos we also offer 3 exceptional conditioners that de-tangle, nourish and leave your pet with a healthy, shiney coat. Plus a range of pet wipes that are ideal for proper pet health, daily hygiene and appearance. All products are "Tested on Humans First!"

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