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Joico Clinicure is a botanical thinning hair solution. This thinning hair system was made to create an optimal scalp environment for healthier, thick-looking chemically treated hair. All Joico Clinicure products are filled with natural botanicals to help hair grow naturally. All products have their own system to making your hair look full and healthy. Joico Clinicure is specifically designed for chemically treated hair. These products all feature glycoproteins to protect and moisturize chemically-treated hair.

Clinicure's 3-step daily regimen wages a comprehensive attack against hair loss by:
-cleansing the scalp of sebum and DHT with botanical 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitors.
-neutralizing environmental pollutants that can weaken or damage the scalp and hair follicles.
-providing essential nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles.
-increasing the microcirculation of the scalp to prepare it for targeted treatment.
-strengthening and maintaining existing hair.

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