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Mane Tame Professional Men's Grooming

Mission Statement:
A high-performance menís grooming brand established to develop superior products, implementing the most refined ingredients available while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation by designing a lifestyle collection of goods that is constantly challenging the traditional norms of delivering consistently exceptional experiences.

Manifesto :
We make products for a new generation of men who care as much about their appearance as they do the intangible core values that they themselves are defined by. We make products with a passion and enthusiasm for our customers. Not for the simple fact that they buy from us, but rather that they value performance. We understand that grooming products are more than just water and ingredients in a bottle or jar. Styling hair and/or maintaining a healthy beard is part of a process in which a man makes a decision to be the best version of himself that day. As a lifestyle brand, we want to help create exceptional experiences so we can be with you at those moments when you need to look your best. We want your appearance to be as perfect as you need to be each day.

Our Story :

Established in Los Angeles in January 2016, Mane Tame Professional Menís Grooming was built behind a foundation of two generations of barbers and entrepreneurs who recognized the landscape of the professional beauty industry changing. A shift was taking place in which a handful of large corporations were acquiring all the small companies, abandoning a core market of men looking for an independent staple brand. Left to choose from was a field of new pop-up lines created to monetize the growing male segment and big corporation-owned brands trying to mask themselves as caring about customers while their focus was profits for their shareholders. Mane Tame PMG created a lifestyle brand that cares about customers and understands their needs in order to deliver an elite brand of products that perform both applicably and aesthetically.

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Mane Tame Professional Men's Grooming