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Pure & Glam Cosmetics

Our fairytale began in 2005, when Miranda Coggins, founder of The Lano Company, discovered a cure for her chronically chapped dry lips. Creating lip balm over her kitchen stove, Miranda’s moisturizing blend of medical grade lanolin, sweet almond oil, jojoba and Vitamin E proved to be a success and one year later, The Lano Company was born. The companies first line, Pure Cosmetics, was such a hit that Miranda began dreaming of a new lustrous line that would bring Hollywood’s red carpet inspired makeup to glam girls on the go everywhere. Miranda’s brilliant fantasy became reality and in a matter of months Glam Cosmetics made its “premiere” as a Hollywood glam cosmetics line offering petite LED lit lip gloss full of glittery shiny bliss.

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Pure & Glam Cosmetics