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Simply Smooth

Simply Smooth products use the highest quality, purest keratin derived from botanicals and human hair. Using TWO types of quality keratin increases the performance of the treatment. Keratin from human hair goes further into the cuticle than other forms of keratin derived artificially or from animals. Keratin from botanicals have bigger molecules that sit outside the cuticle and gently melt into it. Using these two quality forms of keratin allows the formula to penetrate from inside and out of the hair cuticle, providing better smoothing performance through a natural, healthier process. Advantages of Keratin Smoothing: As opposed to other smoothing processes like Japanese straightening, Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment leaves hair healthy. Keratin is a natural conditioner. The gentle Simply Smooth formula is also enriched with vitamins from plants, apple pulp and vanillin (a single molecule component isolated from vanilla). The formula is so gentle in fact, hair can be colored or highlighted the same day. And unlike other keratin treatments out there, Simply Smooth won't alter lighter shades of color treated hair.

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