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In 2014, Candy Shaw launched a new product line called Sunlights Balayage, Inc., featuring a revolutionary new Professionnel Balayage Lightener called SUNLIGHTS®, specifically formulated for the Balayage highlighting technique along with THE BALAY BOX®, a kit containing everything a stylist needs to become a balayage artist! From a technical perspective, unlike most foil and balayage lighteners in the market place, which are mostly silica (sand) based, which accounts for their gritty consistency, Sunlights is a Kaolin, or clay based, lightener, which causes it to be smooth, silky and conditioning while optimally performing the balayage process. Coupled with its grapefruit fragrance, Sunlights is already being perceived as the ‘forbidden fruit’ to stylists across the country. Once you use it you can’t live without it!

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