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Uspa Supernatural

Uspa Supernatural is the evolution of innovative results driven products utilizing therapeutic quality botanical ingredients combined with modern technology. Uspa incorporates a wholistic philosophy focusing on the physiological as well as psychological benefits of the pure plant extracts incorporated in the products. Our commitment to nature compels us to employ environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. Our product development is free of cruelty and involves no animal testing or animal ingredients. Outsourcing of any globally indigenous ingredients reflects a regard for sustainability and free trade. Our ranges are free of artificial fragrance and color. Made in the pure Australian environment, we are committed to delivering the best Australia has to offer the world. Uspa utilizes the highest quality natural, botanical based ingredients .George Jilly, co-founder of Uspa says, “Botanical is often confused with simplistic. However, botanicals are so complex it is impossible to replicate their complexity. Botanical products are proactive and performance based when used in its correct manner. We use modern technology to access this complexity and utilize it for the benefit of the hair and skin. “As our lifestyles become more and more fast paced, you are left without the ability to give yourself a mental, as well as physical being any time out. The need for this nurturing is not a luxury, it is a necessity to keep us healthy and ensure we are able to cope with these new pressures in our lives.”

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