Curlisto Hair Rehab Cleanser

Curlisto Hair Rehab Cleanser
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Hair Care / Treatments & Masques / Dry & Damaged

What it is:
Curlisto Hair Rehab Cleanser is a gentle, resurfacing cleanser is designed to cleanse your scalp and smooth your hair in one step.

What it does:
The Chondrus Chrispus Flakes (crushed seaweed granules) help to remineralize the hair to improve any texture while adding lots of shine. This is combined with sea kelp and algae extracts that help retain moisture. In addition to that, 10 amino acids work to strengthen and condition any stressed or damaged hair. Lavender and orange oils create an aroma therapeutic sensation.

What else you need to know:

  • Seaweed - stimulates and revitalize hair shaft
  • Algae Extract - promotes healthy hair growth
  • Sea Kelp Extract - restores shine and manageability

    Apply a small amount of cleanser onto wet hair and massage scalp. Rinse thoroughly. This gentle resurfacing cleanser with Chondrus Chrispus will revitalize the hair shaft, improve texture and add shine. Even the most damaged hair will look and feel healthier. Follow with Christo Hair Rehab Conditioner and Masque. For best results, repeat this routine once or twice a week.
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