DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment with Organic Argan Oil

DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment with Organic Argan Oil
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Hair Care / Styling & Finishing / Argan (Moroccan) Oils

What it is:
Derm Organic Leave-In Treatment with Organic Argan Oil repairs, protects and shines. Although Argan Oil is an oil treatment, it will not make your hair oily! DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment, based on Morrocan Argan Fruit Oil, has the unique quality of instant absorption into hair. It restores shine and softness while strengthening brittle hair. Replenishes nourishment to dry, damaged, colored hair. Protects hair from styling heat and UV damage.

What it does:
Unlike other Argan Oil based Treatments, DermOrganic contains no alcohol, no dyes, no artificial preservatives, and is 100% Certified Organic. It is a lightweight formula that spreads easily through the hair and on the skin. Because of its viscous formula, it will not weigh fine hair down. It won’t look greasy or attract dirt, making it perfect for all hair types.

What else you need to know:
Colored, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. So gentle, Leave-in Treatment is ideal for color treated hair and can be used everyday on wet or dry hair as needed.

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Glycereth-2 Cocoate/Benzoic Acid (Natural Preservative), Fragrance.
Best if used on towel-dried, clean hair. Pour about a penny’s worth into your palm and rub hands together. Work through hair from roots to ends before blow drying. On thick or extra long hair, apply a little more. Then, blow dry style or allow to air dry.
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By Vickie
Sierra Vista, AZ
October 5, 2016
works great alone or with your regular conditioner
I get the best results by using a small amount over my leave-in conditioner to add softness and shine and control those stubborn fly-away hairs. It really does reduce drying time and a great bargain since a small bottle goes a long way.
By genie
Santa Fe, NM
May 5, 2016
like it
out of all the Argan oils I have tried this works the best
By Elvira
New Castle, DE
March 2, 2016
love it
I love this oil to use on wet hair after hair wash as a leave in, it makes my hair shine and easy to brush.
By Elena
Newark, DE
January 19, 2016
Love it
It's light but absorbs into the hair. It protects my hair and provides a good shine.
By jnadreau
Mountlake Terrace, WA
December 22, 2015
Great for taming flyaways on fine hair
I've been using this product for a few years now. I have fine hair with a natural wave, and it tends to get frizzy. The argan oil helps tame the frizzies & flyaways without weighing down my hair. It also helps protect my hair against heat styling. One caveat - if you have fine hair like I do, you only need a very small amount, like about 1/4 tsp. If I use any more than that, it will make my hair look oily.
ProsGood for fine hair, helps protect against heat styling, tames frizzies & flyaways
ConsIf you have fine hair, use sparingly!
By taysser
El mirage, AZ
November 17, 2015
It work nice, just use 1 or 2 drops after shower and brush my hair, smell nice , one thing i don't like about that it will fade(wash off) the color treated hair .
By Andrea
October 7, 2015
Not so much...
I didn't like this made my hair stiff and it smells too much like medicine!
By Sujen
Marlton, NJ
June 25, 2015
A true wonder!
This is magical for dry, damaged, unruly,. curly hair. A teeny goes a long way, but it certainly works to ;provide hydration,. nourishment and SHINE for frazzled locks. This is used after shampoo and conditioner---rub a few drops into hand and smooth on the hair shaft prior to blow drying. Too much, may weigh the hair down, but it works!
ProsSmooths Conditons Heat Protectant Hydrates
By karen lee
March 20, 2015
Great, light treatment
I love this product because it is light, nongreasy, pleasant smelling, and leaves my hair shiny. It enhances my hair's natural soft curls. When the air is really dry, I put this on the ends even in the middle of the day to protect my hair. It works great! I wish it had more holding power, but overall, you can't beat this leave-in conditioner.
By Maiia
San Jose, CA
February 23, 2015
It has very good list of ingredients, not only silicones - Argan Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Vitamin E Glycerin
3 Questions & 21 Answers
from Staten Island, NY asked:
January 16, 2013
I am a Wen girl. Wen is also a leave-in-treatment. Is it okay that I use DermOrganic between washings on damp hair and for shine after styling my hair?. Thank you
I think it would be fine as long as you dont use too much depending on the type of hair you have. I peronally have not tried Wen.
on January 17, 2013
from westhampton, ma
I use wen also, put I love this oil, its a great product, my hair responds nicely to this oil! The price is affordable!!
on January 17, 2013
from Hephzibah, Ga
Absolutely! I also use other leave-in treatments on my hair. I use the Argan oil as needed to help me manage my hair better, particularly in environments that are humid. In between washings, I do use a smaller amount and never find it an issue as it is nicely absorbed. Never is my hair "greasy." It is also wonderful before styling as it makes the drying time much shorter and I believe keeps my hair healthier (and I believe not damaged by heat from the blow dryer). It is one product that I cannot do without. Other of my friends have tried other brands (some store brands) though my hairdresser has cautioned me to only use oil that is clear on my hair. (I have lighter hair and do high light it). I absolutely love my Argan oil! Hope this was helpful.
on January 18, 2013
from Forest, Va
I usually apply DermOrganics on damp hair (before styling), mainly on my ends. I do not use it after styling, as it gives me not shiny but greasy looking hair.
on January 23, 2013
from New Salem, PA
Yes you can use it between washings. Your hair WILL NOT get oily. Just keep away from the scalp. :-)
on February 13, 2013
from California
I am also a Wen girl and a DermOrgnanic girl. I agree with what most are saying here. I'd like to add if you want a quick burst of shine on dry hair, try Alterna Kendi Bamboo Dry mist, although not too much as it will make your hair oily. Just a quick shot here and there should do the trick.
on March 4, 2013
from Annapolis, Maryland

from San Diego, CA asked:
July 5, 2012
I read about this product in a magazine and heard great things about it. What exactly does this product do and for what type of hair?
This treatment is so healthy for your hair. I have layers and my layers would never lay right because they were so dry on the ends, but with the leave-in treatment it made my hair so healthy and shiny. I've been using it now for about four to five years and I wouldn't be without it.
on July 6, 2012
from Saginaw, Michigan
This treatment is so healthy for your hair. I have layers and my layers would never lay right because they were so dry on the ends, but with the leave-in treatment it made my hair so healthy and shiny. I've been using it now for about four to five years and I wouldn't be without it.
on July 6, 2012
from Saginaw, Michigan
Yes, DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment with Organic Argan Oil is a great product. I originally purchased it because I had lived in El Paso, Texas and the weather was dry and my hair was begging me for moisture/oil. My hair was relaxed or chemically treated via Affirm Relaxer therefore it was very straight. I strongly believe this product can be used by any ethnicity. My son is biracial and I have had wonderful results using this product in his hair. The Oil leaves the scalp healthy, the hair with a beautiful sheen and you without an itch. I hope my review helps your decision.
Virginia Wallingford
on July 6, 2012
from Arlington, Virginia
This is a leave in product that I use daily, I have fine blonde hair which looks more warn out on the ends. After I towel dry my hair I use product from the middle of my head to the ends(not much, about the size of a dime). It adds a shine to my hair and my ends are smooth(not heavy). I have used a touch more on the back of my hair once it's been curled also, it makes it look super shiny! I read reviews before I first purchased it and noticed it was used on all hair types. If I can use it without greasiness and heaviness, I can't imagine it not working on all hair types.
on July 6, 2012
from Linden, MI
It's like most organic Arran oil. It's doesn't have alcohol in it though. It helps with softness when left on you hair . With this kind. I put it on damp hair and comb it through with a wide tooth comb. Be careful not to out too much on, or your hair can look greasy. It's also great to put more on before bed and wash out in the morning,
on July 6, 2012
from Kentucky
Argan Oil conditions and improves the frizziness of my hair. My hair is frizzy from being colored, heat damage and living in a humid environment. The argan oil is a leave-in conditioning treatment that really seems to work to improve the overall health of my hair.
on July 6, 2012
from Raleigh, NC
DermOrganic is pretty great, in my opinion! The really great thing about this product is that it doesn't really seem to be geared toward any one type of hair - I think people of all hair types can benefit from using it, because it's fundamental purpose is to condition your hair and make it look healthier. It does this by adding moisture, helping to mend breakage, smoothing out frizz, and adding shine. It works just as great on my fine, straight hair as it does on my mother's thick, curly hair - it's light enough that it doesn't weigh my hair down, but has enough smoothing power that it tames my mom's frizz. It also seems to actually mend together my split ends, so they aren't so noticeable. The other great benefit of it is that it actually encourages your hair to dry faster by displacing the water that's in it - so you're actually getting even more conditioning power (and saving time!) because you're not blow drying your hair so long. It also works great as a face & body moisturizer - it will live your skin feeling AMAZING, and it absorbs fully into your skin & doesn't leave you feeling greasy. Overall, I'd say it's a great value, because you're getting a product that does triple duty as a hair, face, and body moisturizer. Did I mention it smells great, too? :-)
on July 6, 2012
from Fishers, IN
DermOrganic Leave-In treatment is used to help damaged hair look, feel and "act" much more healthy. It also adds a healthy shine. You don't need much so the bottle lasts several months. My hairdresser recommended it to me as I have blonde hair with highlights that tends to be fuzzy and dry. My daughter has perfectly healthy hair but uses to maintain her long locks. We both love it!
on July 6, 2012
from San Diego, CA
I have very naturally curly hair that is color treated and has a tendency to be frizzy. I use the Organic Argan Oil with my hair gel to keep my hair soft, shiny and keep the frizzies under control. IT WORKS!. I have been using this product for about 1 1/2 years and wouldn't go a day without it. My hair stylist can't believe how good the texture of my hair is now. I tried another brand that was cheaper to save some money but it didn't work as well so I went right back to DermOrganic.
on July 6, 2012
from North Carolina
It's works great on long hair that is a bit curly to smooth out. Also for damaged hair. My daughter is a year round swimmer and it keeps her hair looking and feeling healthy. I have straight thin hair and use this also but sparingly. We really like this.
on July 6, 2012
from Jacksonville Florida
If you are looking for a wet look, this is the product for you. The oil does not absorb into your hair too much and leaves it very shiny. My hair is thick long and wavy.
on July 7, 2012
from Kansas

from Chicago, IL asked:
December 13, 2011
Whats the difference between this and all the other argan oils on the market? How does this compare?
I happen to like the morrocan oil treatment much better. This product is used for wet hair only. I use it after washing before I blowdry. It is okay. Nothing to write home about.
on December 14, 2011
from new york, ny
I find DermOrganic to be far better than other brands like Moroccan Oil, both in price and in performance. Moroccan Oil seems quite a bit more viscous & thick, and as a result it doesn't seem to soak into my hair so readily and leaves it feeling weighed down. DermOrganic seems to be lighter and my hair (and skin!) seem to absorb it more easily, so I'm not left with greasy, weighed-down hair. The other great thing about DermOrganic, in my opinion, is that it is 100% certified organic argan oil - you know you're getting the real deal. Many other brands cannot make the same claim. I also feel as though DermOrganic is the better value - you get a lot of product for a great price, and a little bit of this stuff goes a LONG way. Many other brands only give you a small bottle, and instruct you to only use a few drops at a time - and that seldom does much to improve the condition of my hair.
on July 6, 2012
from Fishers, IN
It is not a big difference - in a base are silicones ING: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Glycereth-2 Cocoate/Benzoic Acid (Natural Preservative), Fragrance.
on June 22, 2014
from San Jose, CA
they all are the same have a lot of silicones and argan oil, but some oils have not only argan oil in their ingredients
on March 2, 2016
from New Castle, DE

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