Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint
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Godefroy Eyebrow Tint products, a prevalent choice in eyebrow tinting It is easy to see why Godefroy Eyebrow Tint is so popular when it comes to tinting ones eyebrows. Not only is it so easy to use, comes in convenient colors and is easily available form most stores, it also saves you time and money. Now you do not have to pay lavish fee and waste your time going to salons to have your eyebrows tinted, you can now do it in the convenience and comfort of your home, and while you wait for the dye to take effect, you can have a nice cup of tea sitting in front of the television, enjoying your favorite show instead of listening to the hair dryers at the salon wishing that you had tried Godefroy Eyebrow Tint instead. What could be easier than that! See our full selection of Godefroy Tint.
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Seattle, WA
March 5, 2015
Works Great
THis was easy to use and so far has lasted. Even though I used light brown on my graying, used to be black, eyebrows, it looked too dark the first day but just right after that.
By Susan
November 30, 2014
Color is great but hardly lasts
The color is great I got light brown because I read that medium brown was really dark. Light brown is a really dark brown which worked great for me. The color stains the skin around the area but with a little scrubbing it's relatively easy to remove. But the color for me only lasts a little more than 2 weeks
ProsGreat color, inexpensive
Conscolor doesn't last
By Niya Irving
United States
October 23, 2014
like it
The product is very nice. It only needs to be on for the time in the directions. It doesn't lady for 6 weeks to. Overall it's a very cool product
ProsQuick and easy
ConsDoesn't last for 6 weeks or 4 for that matter. 3 weeks at best quick is still pretty cool
By Jenn
Rhododendron, OR
October 2, 2014
Easier than I expected.
This product was great. I did read all of the online reviews and they were very helpful with little tricks to make using the product easier. My only complaint is I got the medium brown and the color was more light black instead of brown. Still worked for me. I wish they made a red color.
By Caprice
Saint Louis, MO
September 26, 2014
loved it
The product came in great time. When I applied the die it looked really natural. It lasted about 2 weeks.
By Gloria
St Pete
August 22, 2014
This is great if you are unwilling to pay the price at the beauty salon to have your eye brows done.
ProsCovere grey well. Great price, too
By Donna
July 26, 2014
Love this
I use this once a month to darken my blond eyebrows works wonderfully don't leave it on too long though
By Ronniev
United States
July 15, 2014
Quick and easy
This does the trick. I use to cover grey in my eyebrows. Put it on, and in 2 minutes the grey is gone. I highly recommend this product.
ConsMust use Vaseline around the area or you will have brown skin. ;-)
By Jennifer
Cypress, TX
March 24, 2014
So easy to use!
I had been paying over $20 to get my eyebrows tinted by a professional. I found this product, and now do it myself at home. It's so easy to do and has saved me tons of money. I suggest going a shade lighter than your natural hair. I bought the medium and/or dark brown originally and while it was fine, it was a bit too dark for my coloring. The light brown gives me a natural look. And my eyebrows are grey so I have to leave the color on a bit longer to get the desired shade.
October 12, 2013
I'M PLEASED.........
I've been using this product for quite a while. Until I found sleekhair.com, I was ordering from other websites. When the product arrived, it would either be a different color than what I ordered, or the peroxide cap would be open, etc. Ordering from Sleek Hair, I'm assured that all is well. I also recommend this product. My hope is that the company will find an easier way to apply the tint to the brow. It can be a messy situation if you don't get it on perfectly, with the tint coloring the skin if you get it too close. Not getting it close to the skin is hard to do.
8 Questions & 13 Answers
from new brighton pa asked:
November 20, 2013
how many applications is in the eyebrow tint
on November 21, 2013
from cocoa beach, florida

from San Antonio, Texas asked:
August 4, 2013
How is the tint applied to the brow? Do I need to have someone else apply it or can I do it myself? I bought another eybrow tint from another source but have not been able to use it because it needs someone elso to apply it. Is your tint non irritating to the eyes? Thank you!
It's so simple and easy you can do it yourself, no help needed! Just apply with the wooden applicator stick or you could try an old mascara brush. I always do it myself. Just put some Vaseline around the brows so it doesn't stain your skin around the brow.
on August 4, 2013
from Boston
Hi, I have been using this product for a couple of years. I have applied the product myself and have not had any problems. As long as used on the brow (no direct contact with the eye) it has never irritated my eyes. Some tips for success: 1. Read the directions!!! 2. It works fast (the directions say under 2 minutes) so I only do one brow at a time. 3. I like mine dark (and I have significant grey) so I typically apply it twice. Once for 2 minutes, then if needed up to 1.5 minutes more. My thought is that the time may be slightly different for everyone so you may want to try less time if you are using the product for the first time. I start the timing when I have completed applying to the complete brow. The amount mixed is typically enough to do each brow multiple times so you may want to experiment with the timing the first time you use it and then alter the next time depending on your results.. 4. I pluck and trim my brows before applying so less area to worry about. You can apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the brow to make sure you don't stain your skin. If you do this however, you have to make sure that it doesn't get on your brow and block the color. As long as your hand is steady, you don't really need this (I discontinued after my third time). 5. The instructions have you mix the product in a small plastic "bowl", they you apply using a wooden applicator that looks like a really thick toothpick. One side is flat, other is round. You can "scoop" a little bit of the product onto the flat part of the applicator than apply to your brow. Do not put too much or it will drip. I have never had a problem with it dripping but just to make sure, be conservative with the amount until you get a good idea of how thick the product is and the application on the brow. 5. I start with the innermost part of the brow and work my way out. I try to make sure I am not just applying to the ends (I use the sharp end to "comb" the product into the root of the brow) . 6. After allowing to develop, I wipe off with a tissue with soap and water. My experience is that the brow gets a little darker after you take off the product. Overall, I thought is was very easy to use and had great results.
on August 6, 2013
from San Jose, CA
The brow kit has an applicator that it fairly easy to use. And the instructions are fairly simple & thorough as well. I was able to apply it myself with no problems. (Tinting your eyelashes are more difficult to do on your own). Applying Vaseline around your brows will prevent staining your skin. I usually have my brows professionally tinted & thought I'd give this a try when I couldn't get an appointment. I was pleased with the results. It wasn't irritating to my skin or eyes. The color will be a little darker immediately after applying but will fade slightly by the next day. I would suggest trying this in the evening so the color as the color will be less intense by the next day & after a shower. Good luck! I'm sure you'll like the results.
on August 9, 2013
from Salida, CO

from cols. ohio asked:
July 23, 2013
is this plant base?
I really don't know
Elaine Phillips
on July 26, 2013
from Margate, FL
I really don't know but I love the product. I have used it before and it works great and much cheaper then going to the beauty shop for brow tinting also, it lasts for weeks
Elaine Phillips
on July 26, 2013
from Margate, FL

from new haven, CT asked:
May 21, 2013
i lost the instructions to the eyebrow tint. are they available online?
I really don't know
Elaine Phillips
on July 26, 2013
from Margate, FL
I really don't know but I love the product. I have used it before and it works great and much cheaper then going to the beauty shop for brow tinting also, it lasts for weeks
Elaine Phillips
on July 26, 2013
from Margate, FL

Charles Morando
from Deerfield Beach , Florida asked:
April 14, 2013
Godfefroy instant eyebrow tint how often do you recommend reapplying? what national retail stores carry it in Florida?
Long lasting! I reapplied it in about 6 weeks. I know amazon sells it, and some Sally beauty stores do too
on June 6, 2013
from florida

susan Brundage-White
from Seattle asked:
April 4, 2013
What sort of applicator does it use?a wand? a paint brush??? Can you answer? Also, several people said it was difficult to mix. do thou have to mix two products and if so what do you mix them on?( tin foil? plastic wrap?) About the application type supplied. Are there actual tubes of color or vials or captules? How do you open them ( pin? sizzors? )and can they be stored once opened?
The applicator is a simple stick of wood, sort of like a toothpick, with a slanted tip. There is a small plastic capsule of colored powder that you break open by separating the ends (no scissors necessary) and mix with a cream developer in a small plastic cup that is included. It wasn't too difficult to mix in my opinion. Like other hair coloring kits, you should dispose of the mixture afterward. Four color capsules come in the kit. Hope that helps!
on April 5, 2013
from Minnesota
There are little sticks with one end of it pointed like a toothpick & the other end has a flat slant. They give you a little cup to mix everything in. There are capsules, with the powder in them, that you can just pull apart (very easy) & then there is a bottle of the liquid developer. You only add enough of the liquid to the power from the capsule for each use. Save the little cup! I accidentally threw mine away once & had to use something else. There are instructions included & again its all very easy. The slanted in of the little stick is what you use to put the tint on with. Or I guess you could also use a q-tip. I don't think you can store any that's left. It would probably lose its potency as well as dry up before you would need it again.
on April 5, 2013
from TexAS
The color comes as a powder in capsules which you can open. One of them I has to open with scissors but usually you can open them with your fingers. You mix the powder with the developer (per the instructions) in a small "bowl" that is provided. (see the pic - bowl is on the bottom left) I used a small amount and pushed the capsule back together. I used scissors to reseal the one I opened with scissors. Included in the box are two tools to mix and apply. You could use a brush or a brow brush. It is very easy to apply and I felt the results were as good as, if not better, than service results for which I previously paid.
on April 5, 2013
from Jacksonville, FL

from Bellingham, WA asked:
December 12, 2012
Does this product come with eye brow stencils or shaping forms to create a natural shape? How do you apply it? With a small paint brush or a q-tip, what? How do you keep from making it too wide or too long? Can you wipe off your mistakes? PLEASE reply as soon as possible OK? Thank you, Ginny
This is great........it comes with everything you need including the applicator. It does not stain the skin.
on December 13, 2012
from Woodside, CA
It comes with toothpick type sticks to apply. The dye is thick so it stays in place. Simply put on existing eyebrows to tint. It does not have forms since it is meant to tint the eyebrows you naturally have. You can wipe off excess tint if necessary. Very easy to use. Lasts about 30 days.
on January 1, 2013
from Vacaville, CA

from Bellingham, WA asked:
December 12, 2012
Does this product come with eye brow stencils or shaping forms to create a natural shape? How do you apply it? With a small paint brush or a q-tip, what? How do you keep from making it too wide or too long? Can you wipe off your mistakes? PLEASE reply as soon as possible OK? Thank you, Ginny
This product is the best eyebrow tint I have used. It does not come with stencils. You simply mix the two parts provided in the box and apply onto eyebrows with special wood applicators provided. Sometimes I use a small brush. Mistakes and excessive tint can be wiped off with q-tips.
on December 12, 2012
from Leonia, NJ

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