Goldwell Elumen High-Performance Haircolor

Goldwell Elumen High-Performance Haircolor
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Hair Color & Treatments / Hair Color / Permanent Hair Color
Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxdiant-free haircolor. Creates extra vibrant, shiny, and durable haircolor without damage. Does no contain peroxide or ammonia. The compact range of Elumen consists of 22 shades plus one clear tone. Every shade can be used to achieve fascinating color results on various tone levels. This alone gives you a choice of 113 color varieties – without mixing!

Size: 6.7 oz

One of the most exciting new technological developments in professional hair color is the new Goldwell Elumen. Now, there's more to share. Elumen is the first oxidant-free durable hair color that works without peroxide or ammonia. Using a purely physical process, Elumen's brilliant, direct-acting, negatively-charged color dyes are drawn deep inside the positively-charged hair shaft and held, as if by a magnet. But there's truly no fear, no commitment. With Elumen Return, the hair colorist can remove the hair color immediately and gently with no damage simply by reversing the magnetic charge.

With Elumen, Goldwell has developed an innovative high performance hair color - Elumen dyes the hair permanently, but without oxidation, ammonia, or alkalinity. The result? Beautifully, radiant hair color without any damage to the hair. Elumen also repairs the hair's structure. The hair-color smoothes porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but also inside the hair shaft to provide a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light and gives the color in the hair unprecedented shine.

Multiple shades. Elumen's 22 shades plus Clear gives you the ability to create an unlimited variety of colors. And, thanks to the unique color card, you can guarantee results without fear. As part of your creative palette, Elumen works great for low-lights/tintbacks, multi-shading, toning and color balancing. Because it improves the hair's structure to revitalize stressed and damaged hair, leaving it with long-lasting, brilliant, healthy, shine, it's the ultimate shine service.

What's more, Elumen repairs hair, smoothing porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but deep inside the hair shaft, providing a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light brilliantly. Elumen's new technology offers many "firsts," giving you a truly new story about hair color. Deborah Gavin, the creative colorist from High Tech Hair Studio and Spa in Philadelphia and the spokesperson for Goldwell's Elumen, is a great new source on Elumen, new color trends and technologies, and caring for colored hair at home.

For more information on Goldwell Elumen products, please view: Goldwell Elumen Sales Brochure .
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83% Recommend this product (73 of 88 responses)
By Shelby
September 19, 2017
Perfect if you have a PPD allergy!!
I am super allergic to hair dye that contains PPD. I get bad dermatitis and I swell up and it's just bad. So many hair dyes claim to be PPD free but basically none of them are. I used henna to dye my eyebrows (they're clear-blonde and my hair is dark red so it looks more natural than filling them in) until I found Elumen. It took me a couple tries to find my exact shade but it's totally worth it because it takes me 5 minutes to dye my brows and one bottle lasts me FOREVER. (I use NG@6 mixed with a little BG@6) Google "goldwell elumen color chart" to get an idea of what the colors will come out as.
By Melany
Sault Ste Marie, MI
June 26, 2017
Absolutely love this color, I mix with the Elumen RV to get the perfect red shade.
By Loraine
England UK
June 21, 2017
Love it
Just love it, VV so vibrant and has stays in for months, for those who's colour didn't last did you use Elumen Gold Lock? It really works N/A
ProsBest make I've found
By Kat
Shady side, MD
May 14, 2017
Such a great brand and product. It goes on easily and the color is beautiful!
By Sara Booker
Los Angeles
March 23, 2017
Love It
I loved love love this product. I highly recommend.
By Brooke
Huntsville Alabama
December 26, 2016
Wouldn't ever use anything else
Great product it's exactly what they use at the salon. I was paying $65 every 8-12 weeks to have my hair colored but now I can do it myself for a fraction of that cost. I originally bought from here but won't be doing that again, Product is cheaper on Amazon and they offer free shipping. I use kk@all over my medium brown hair.
ProsDoesn't damage hair whatsoever
By Geena
Medfield, MA
October 4, 2016
Great Color That Lasts!
I overly-damaged my hair two years ago, if that's a thing. Jolen bleach, different demi and 'permanent' dyes that didn't last, or faded to blue no matter the color. Then I found Goldwell's Elumen line, and it works wonders. Despite the fact that my hair is overprocessed and still has trouble holding dye, this color outlasts all over permanent color dyes I've tried! Doesn't smell bad, either, and washes off your sink or shower with relative ease (some mild bleach on large/dark spots, or a lot of soap/water running over lighter areas). Does stain the skin a bit, though that also comes out the next hair wash without a problem. No complaints here!
By Angela
Cassidy, BC
August 3, 2016
the best
Brilliant, high gloss bright colour
By Elvira
New Castle, DE
July 27, 2016
Like it
This hair color is perfect, hair becomes very shine
By Tina
Honolulu, HI
July 26, 2016
Love Goldwell
I love goldwell products. Good coverage and not harsh on the hair.
Conssmell is strong and last after several washings
25 Questions & 9 Answers
from Shrewsbury nj asked:
September 10, 2017
Is Bl@all black color Do you need to mix color with any thing or just put it in directly How long do you leave the dye in

from Philadelphia, Pa asked:
July 1, 2017
Which color would give me jet black hair?

Linda H
from La. asked:
June 26, 2017
Is this product free of PPD?

from canada asked:
June 23, 2017
just received i would like to have instructions on how to apply

from Canada asked:
June 14, 2017
Hi, I am allergic to fragrance. I noticed that Goldwell Elumen High-Performance haircolor NB@4 contains fragrance/parfum. What kind of fragrance is it? Is there any Elumen hair color without perfume in the indegrient?

Michelle Singh Byng
from FL asked:
February 28, 2017
do you know how much Elumen Clear ( oz to oz ratio) to use to lighten the original colors to more pastel shades for instance . making PK a pastel pink or VV to lavender

from San Diego, CA asked:
May 12, 2016
I am looking for Elumen black dye, I am having trouble figuring out which one is black?

from Gurabo, Puerto Rico 00778 asked:
February 6, 2016
Hello! I need the hear color ppd, peroxide free. My color hear is dark brown. Wish color us dark brown? Thanks.

david schultz
from cudahy, W asked:
January 25, 2016
Hello, my name is David and I have short 100% grey hair. I am 56 years old. I would like my color to be a soft gentle light brown/beige color. What color selections would you recommend for me? Thank you, David

from New haven ct asked:
January 25, 2016
I have a client who has very long very thick and also very curly sunbleached here. Roots she applies color from home and it's kind of orangey. Would you recommend me flat ironing her hair before applying the illumine. She wants the pastel colors blue pink and purple

from jersey asked:
December 7, 2015
I get relaxers once a year. will this take my hair out?

from Boston, MA asked:
December 5, 2015
If my hair is golden blond what color would I use to cover my grays to match the golden blond ?

from san diego asked:
October 23, 2015
Hi does anyone know what code is for the teal color? Thank you in advance.

from Connecticut asked:
October 14, 2015
Is elumen vegan

from cuyahoga falls, ohio asked:
October 11, 2015
Does it cover gray hair? Does it come in color brown black?

ghada alharbi
from asked:
September 11, 2015
hello, i want to have avery dark black color for my white hair, which color is best for me?? i took the deep natural brown color level 4 but i found that it has a red undertone! what color suit me better? and i want to ask which levels is usually darker 2 or 9??

from india asked:
August 1, 2015
Do we need developer ?
No. You can apply the product directly on your hair - it is ready to use immediatly
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Wenatchee, WA asked:
July 2, 2015
How long do i leave the color in for and do i wash it out or just rinse it before applying the lock?
Step 1 - apply Elumen color on dry hair Step 2 - let color set for 20 minutes with heat or 30 minutes without heat Step 3 - rinse hair and shampoo Step 4 - towel dry and them apply LOCK for 5 minutes (locks in the color) then rinse hair with warm water until water is clear.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from connecticut asked:
June 19, 2015
I have dark auburn hair would love to get a golden blond highlight which colors should I use
No. It is toning product, it can not make your hair lighter. If you want to color your hail lighter you will need a permanent color (for natural hair) or bleached products (for colored hair)
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Philadelphia asked:
June 19, 2015
If I want to do my roots this the only product I need or do I need to mix this?
No. It is ready to use. But you nave to remember - Elumen can not make your hair lighter or cover gray hair.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Hood river or asked:
June 1, 2015
Want the pink and purple can't find it.
Elumen colors and their results explained: UNNATURAL GK@all - Gold Copper (Yellow) on any hair level KK@all - Copper (Orange) on any hair level RR@all - Red on any hair level Pk@all - Pink on any hair level RV@all - Red Violet on any hair level BB@all - Blue on any hair level Gn@all - Green on any hair level
on June 14, 2015
from CA

Michelle Yarde
from Martinez, CA asked:
May 6, 2015
How do you apply Elumen?
Step 1 - apply Elumen color on dry hair Step 2 - let color set for 20 minutes with heat or 30 minutes without heat Step 3 - rinse hair and shampoo Step 4 - towel dry and them apply LOCK for 5 minutes (locks in the color) then rinse hair with warm water until water is clear.
on June 14, 2015
from CA

from Chino hills, ca asked:
April 25, 2015
What is closest to black and has no ppd?
The closest to black is NA@2, but you have to know - It gives only transparent shade and shine
on June 14, 2015
from CA

from california asked:
April 24, 2015
My hair is dark brown....if I mix BR@6&RR or BK6&RR what color might my hair be?

from Irvine, CA asked:
April 24, 2015
I would like to know all the ingredients in Goldwell Elumen as I am highly allergic to PPD AND PPD Aliases such as: PPDA, Phenylenediamine base, p-Phenylenediamine,4-Phenylenediamine, 1,4-Phenylenediamine , 4-Benzenediamine, 1,4-Benzenediamine, para-Diaminobenzene (p-Diaminobenzene) para-Aminoaniline (p-Aminoaniline), Diaminobenzene, Benzenediamine, Aminoaniline, Fenylenodwuamina, Fouramine 1, m-Aminoaniline, m-Benzenediamine, m-Diaminobenzene, m-Fenylendiamin, m-Phenylene diamine, M-Phenylenediamine, meta-Aminoaniline, meta-Benzenediamine, meta-Diaminobenzene, Metaphenylenediamine, p-Aminoaniline, p-Benzenediamine, p-Fenylendiamin, p-Phenyldiamine, p-Phenylenediamine, PLP-ASP, Para touline diamine (PTD), Touline Diamine Sulfate (TDS), Renal PF, 6PPD, APCO 2330, Aspartyl-Pyridoxal-5′-Phosphate, C02454, CI Developer 11, Developer 11, Developer C, Developer H, Developer M, Direct Brown BR, Direct Brown GG.
Elumen dye Aqua, propylene carbonate, alcohol denat., lactic acid, hydroxypropylated polysaccharides (probably some sort of coating ingredient), dimethicone copolyol, sodium hydroxide, parfum. May contain: Acid black 1, acid red 52, yellow 10, ext. violet 2, orange 4, red 33. Lock Aqua, alcohol denat., PEG-8, Benzyl Glycol, Sodium Isethionate, Butylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Carbomer, Dimethicone Copolyol, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Amylcinnamyl Alcohol.
on June 14, 2015
from CA
I am allergic to same things and have been using Elumen for years (to cover grey). It does not cover grey as other hair colors but I am not grey :) Nena
on February 24, 2017
from TO

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