Goldwell Men ReShade Grey Blending Power Shot (4 pack)

Goldwell Men ReShade Grey Blending Power Shot (4 pack)
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What it is:
Goldwell Men ReShade Grey Blending Power Shot is a 5 minute color service without ammonia for natural grey blended results

The Most Masculine Way To Reduce Grey

What it does:
Men today want to appear refreshed, confident and yes, even a little more youthful. They are ready and willing to invest in their looks and want exceptional services and products that deliver fabulous results geared for them. Many men prefer a low maintenance approach when dealing with their look. Men ReShade delivers all of this and more!

What else you need to know:
Simple, superior and easy 5-minute grey blending for men. Goldwell's innovative grey blending foam allows for a fast and discreet application right at the shampoo bowl. Men's hair has never looked so good and so natural.

Available in 4 masculine cool ash tones (4 x 20mL each):

  • 5CA - cool ash light brown
  • 6CA - cool ash dark blonde
  • 7CA - cool ash mid blonde
  • 8CA - cool ash light blonde
Water, Alcohol Denat., Decyl Glucoside, Ethanolamine, Sodium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, Toluene-2, 5-Diamine Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Laureth-23, Resorcinol, Potassium Oleate, Sodium Solfite, Ammonium Chloride, C11-15 Pareth-9, Polyquaternium-22, Oleth-20, Polyquaternium-7, Asorbic Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Myristyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparoben, Fragrance, M-Aminophenol, 2, 4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCI, 1, 3-Bis-(2,4-Diaminophenoxy) Propane HCI, HC Yellow No. 2.
APPLICATION: Use with Goldwell Men ReShade Developer Concentrate and Innovative Foam Applicator Bottle only.

Mixing Ratio: Mix the product in a 1:1 ratio. Using the foam applicator bottle, measure 20ml of Goldwell MEN Reshade Developer Concentrate and add 20ml of Goldwell MEN Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot. Once opened, Power Shots must be used within 48 hours.

Do not shake. Tighten the squeezer lid. Then mix the content carefully by swinging the applicator bottle. Start the application immediately. Please dispose of any surplus product.

Apply to dry hair. Hold the applicator bottle upright and squeeze on the sides in order to apply the foamy working mass. Apply the mixture generously to whole hair. Distribute evenly and massage thoroughly into the hair.

Process without any heat for 5 minutes only. Do not exceed the recommended processing time as the results will become too intense. Once complete, rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo with suitable Goldwell products (recommend Goldwell Dualsenses for MEN shampoo ) and style as usual.

TIP: For natural hair color that's difficult to determine, we recommend choosing a lighter shade. If initial shade is found to be too light, a darker shade can be applied immediately.
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By David
San Bernardino, CA
October 7, 2016
Looks Natural
I purchased the 5CA color. My hair is naturally black (with exception of the grey of course) so I decided to go a shade lighter which is always a good idea when trying a new dye product. The end results look natural. However, the hair on my temples are pretty much white and the product produced a blue hue when left in for the recommended time. I had to let the product sit for about 20 minutes on those areas to get ride of the blue tint so the end result is a bit darker than I prefer. Next time, I will try applying 6CA first to those areas first and then 5CA to the roots on the top of my head. I will then apply 6CA to the tips of my longer top hair for a slight highlighted look followed by 5CA for low lights on the sides. I know it will be a hassle but the product lasts at least a couple of weeks (which is the time between haircuts for me).
ProsLooks natural
ConsMay turn hair a blueish tint, especially on thicker hair on temples, thinner hair on widow's peak, and pure white hairs.
By stephen
Philadelphia, PA
October 6, 2016
cool tone, not a mircale
If your a man and have 100 percent grey, this will not be magic color where everything is perfect. It looks great in various lighting. It does not look great in direct sunlight, particularly if sunlight is shining behind your hair. If sun is shining behind hair, it looks red and un-natrual. I would suggest going to 6ca or lower if you dont want that effect, but even then its not perfect because it looks too dark in regular lighting, and still has weird red tint if hair is seen under / behind sunlight. Hope this helps
Proslooks good in the bathroom or salon
Consdoesnt look good in sunlight
By Krishi
May 10, 2016
Love it
Love it
By Siwahi
April 30, 2016
Works the best
My father loved this product. It is easy to apply and looks good. It's super fast to apply should buy this product.
ProsIts amazing. Applies smoothly. Doesn't damage hair
By Jim Crowson
July 17, 2015
Great Stuff !!
Very easy to use and great coverage. Will order again !!
By Greg
New Jersey
April 10, 2015
Pretty Good Product
Recommended by my barber. Did not want to pay him to do it every month so purchased this {with the applicator and activating agent seperately}. Aproximately $50 total investment. Followed directions. Was nervous it would be too dark for my hair so only left it in for 4 minutes the first time. I was thrilled with the results. Took away much of the gray while retaining a natural look. Helped my hair look a bit fuller in spots that have thinned a bit. Did not appear to damage or dry out my hair. Only other experience with dye was a bleach job when I was younger which really made my hair brittle. Not the case here. Those who see me every day and whom I had told my intentions to were unable to notice until they were told. For the record my hair is very short on the sides mostly pepper with a bit of salt mixed in on the top and mostly salt on the sides. This really minimized the amount of salt on top and halved the salt on the sides, but as I said really did so naturally. I'd say it took 5 years off my looks. Only complaint was that it seemed to last for about two weeks or so before needin another hit.. That being said the pack comes with 4 shots so when used as directed it would still last me for 2 months. First time I mixed the entire shot. As my hair is short I only needed a small amount so basically threw half away. Directions say once opened must be used within 48 hours. Second time I used half and resealed the bottle. I used half again later on. Worked, but again seemed to lack any staying power. I will attempt again, as it did no harm, and will update if I have better results with the second half. Bottom Line? I just reordered the product so I am definitely satisfied. Did not need to reorder the activating agent as there is plenty left for at least another 4 pack which further reduces the cost. Even with it not lasting as long as I'd like it is costing me maybe $20 per month.
By S.C.
New York, NY
March 26, 2015
Blends Grey Beautifully.
At the salon my hair guy started applying 6CA but it was too dark. The 7CA Medium Blonde is a much better match for me. It does however, seem to have slightly more red undertone than the 6CA, which had no redness. Overall it is a great option to coloring. I do the treatment every week and, while it doesn't eliminate grey, it minimizes and blends the existing grey very naturally into the rest of my hair which hasn't begun to turn grey yet.
ProsEasy to use. Doesn't stain skin or other things when I get it all over! 6 and 7 Cool Ash is the first thing I have tried that is not glaringly red, especially after a few washes.
ConsThere is some red undertone in the 7CA. Expensive.
By korosh
Santa Rosa, CA
January 10, 2015
Perfect color for men. Less time, less hassle, and less drying chemicals. The color is natural looking. You will feel confident.
By Ebrahim Carcur
November 22, 2014
Love it!
The best product for Men. Very natural.
By William
August 25, 2014
Best product out there!
Don't think about it and buy this product, you will be very satisfied. Very natural looking, easy to apply.
ProsNatural looking, Easy to apply.
ConsIt fades faster than i would like to. In my experience about 15 days.
20 Questions & 14 Answers
from Ottawa on asked:
April 16, 2017
Which product is best when hair is completely white ? Just want a light grey.

David Senise
from Rochester, NY asked:
April 5, 2017
Which shade do you use for black hair?

Stuart Salins
from Highland Park, IL asked:
March 21, 2017
can this product be use on men's beards? Is it PPD free?

Sharon Macklin
from Napa CA asked:
March 7, 2017
My husband currently uses men's reshade 7ca and would like something more to cover the grey. Would 6ca be better? Thanks. Sharon

from Michigan asked:
June 9, 2016
I've used 5ca. Is 4ca lighter or darker??

Nancy Macaulay
from Clinton, NJ asked:
October 2, 2015
Where is the color chart for these colors for this product?

from chicago asked:
April 22, 2015
where can i buy this product? target ,wallmar etc.

from Dix Hills, NY asked:
October 23, 2014
I am looking to buy the Mens reshade for myself along with the developer kit. But looking at the color 6CA, it says it is for blonde hair? Is there a different one for salt n pepper color? As my haircutter said I am a color #6? Thanks, Ira

Jim Wade
from Ramona, CA 92065 asked:
February 12, 2014
I have used the Redken Mens Grey hair colr Light Natural Brown. I noticed on another color that was an ASH color from another company that might hair had a purplish tinge in the sunlight. The Redken doesn't do that and I'm wondering if your color will have that type of highlite in the Sun? I do notice that the use of the color makes my head itch for a couple of days?? Jim Wade
It contains components which may cause allergic reactions. You should make 48-hours test before using it. Purplish hues can be by using permanent colors.
on May 15, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from Los angelos CA asked:
November 20, 2013
My male client is a natural level 7 with 100% grey and completely white on temple area. He wants to be a level 7 dark ash blond. What formula should I use?
I am completely grey on my temples & along the hairline & I've used 6CA for the last 3 years & it works wonderfully. I suggest leaving it on for 10 minutes instead of the 5 minutes suggested.
on November 21, 2013
from Tampa, FL
I find that using a 7CA shade for myself (I have virtually the same hair type as your client) is a little too light a color for the kind of coverage your client is looking for. Ive used 7CA but was disappointed in the overall color, especially when I view the color in sunlight. Looks great at night or in unwell lit areas...but the jig is up in direct sunlight. For me, 6CA seems to be a more natural shade but the key is to start with minimal "leave on" time and go from there. A second application is sometimes needed if its the first coloring. Proceeding colorings in weeks to follow for me dont need a second application. Just one mans opinion....
on November 21, 2013
from Philly
Use Power shot- 6 CA- Cool Ash Dark Blonde. Leave on for five minutes and shampoo out. It will be darker and more intense if you leave it in for more than five minutes. Sometimes this could be the right color someone is looking for. But I would try doing it for the five minutes when you first use it. Adjust leave-in time as necessary for future coloring. Good Luck!
on November 29, 2013
from Long Island, New York

from Rancho Santa SE, CA asked:
August 13, 2013
I have white hair which of your goldwell colour should I use ? I have used 5CA and 6CA after a wash starts turning yellow my original hair colour use to be black. Any thoughts?
If completely white, may not be the best product for you as it is blending/tone down product. Have you tried leaving the product in longer then typical for greater/darker penetration? I leave in longer in my pure white temple area.
on August 15, 2013
from Merrimack, NH
Goldwell has a color spectrum sheet on their website. Youll need a color safe shampoo as most shampoo are to harsh and take the color away in a few days. Limit your shampooing to three times a week other days a simple rinse with your bath. Using a purple based shampoo once a week to stop yellowing helps while it also keeps darker tones longer. I have had success with CHI shampoo and with kiels Moroccan oil shampoo pricy but worth it . I normally get two weeks before I see any fading of color as my hair is white as a ghost (a friendly ghost of course ) .
on August 15, 2013
from Los Angeles, CA

from detroit asked:
April 8, 2013
Hello I have medium brown hair what color number would be right for my color,

from Vancouver, B.C., Canada asked:
February 27, 2013
Does this product have peroxide in it??

from nj. ocean county asked:
January 22, 2013
will this product turn my hair red or orange
It will not.
on January 22, 2013
from Philadelphia
Hello, I am a licensed hairdresser, this product is made not to turn your hair red or orange. It is a great product and I use it all the time. It stains the grey for a subtle look.
on January 22, 2013
from New Jersey
My wife's a hairdresser so I get to try all the products. I've tried Redken, Paul Mitchell and Goldwell. They are all good but the Goldwell seems to be the easiest. I don't see any red or brown tones especially with the 5CA. My hair is dark brown so I sometimes mix the 5CA and 6CA. When I do more of the 6CA, I notice a slight reddish tone (and I say slight) only after 3 or 4 weeks and in the sun, Otherwise it is very natural, nobody can tell that I color. I admit that I color every 3 weeks because I have so much gray and my hair is relatively short.
on January 22, 2013
from Connecticut
No, if you leave the product on your hair longer than five minutes, the color will be very dark and intense. It's a natural look. But too dark is not a natural look. Start off with five minutes , then determine if you might need to leave it on for a little longer next time around. Excellent product!! Good luck..
on January 23, 2013
from Moriches, NY

from Chicago asked:
December 12, 2012
I have dark brown, almost black hair (salt and pepper) which reshade number is best to use for my hair color?

from Chicago asked:
December 12, 2012
I have dark brown, almost black hair (salt and pepper) which reshade number is best to use for my hair color?
I think 5CA will be optimal.
on January 13, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from holland asked:
November 9, 2012
How often can you use it? Every week? Do you need to cover the skin in neck and forehead to avoid coloured skin?
My girlfriend is a stylist and used it on my in her salon and left it on for about 5 minutes. No gloves or covering any skin. I did it for myself about 2 weeks later and just rubbed it into the roots and kept it off my skin as much as possible (no gloves). I just rinsed off my hands while I was waiting and made sure I wiped off any drips going down my neck or anything with a paper towel. I use the really light color so I have no problems with stains.
on November 9, 2012
from Greenvilee

from holland asked:
November 9, 2012
How often can you use it? Every week? Do you need to cover the skin in neck and forehead to avoid coloured skin?
You can use it depending on the growth of hair - every 2,5-4 weeks
on January 13, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from Linden NJ asked:
September 9, 2012
Not sure what color / number to buy for home use. I've had this product used professionally on my hair and want to economize and use at home. The salon said I'm between 5 and 6, closer to 6. My question is being that my hair is dark brown and have approx 30% grey, what color should I use? From the labels here, number 5 is light brown? Do your colors differ then the numbering system used in salons?
from New York, NY asked:
August 16, 2012
Do you offer this product for black hair (Japanese)?
You can try 5CA.
on January 13, 2014
from San Jose, CA

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