Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Creme-Hair Color

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Creme-Hair Color
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What it is:
A collection of 10 shades of the most vibrant colors imaginable. Vivids can be combined with more conventional colors to provide an array of stunning color effects. Vivids are the longest-lasting colors of their type available anywhere!

What it does:
VIVIVDs is a semi-permanent hair color with ten vibrant shades that are positively vibrant: Silver, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Green , Blue and Wild Orchid. VIVIDs are applied to dry hair, off the scalp and WITHOUT MIXING WITH PEROXIDE.

What else you need to know:
VIVIVDs include a proprietary blend of keratin amino acids and pure silk amino acids that combine to provide long-lasting color and greater shine. The silk amino acids act as color carriers to help drive color deep into the hair while the keratin amino acids keep hair strong.

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By Shelia
Crawfordville, Fl
August 26, 2017
Love it
Started turning gray so I decided to go ahead and do it all over. It looks great not having all different colors in my hair and having a great looking silver.
By Jamie
Seattle, Washington
June 18, 2017
Color came out beautiful I definitely want to try other colors of this product
By Kat
Shady side, MD
May 14, 2017
Love it
I've used a couple of these colors and theyre beautiful. They last for a while too!
By Melissa
Southern California
May 1, 2017
Lovely vibrant blue
I had unevenly bleached hair with some purple in it when I put this blue over it. It's a lovely vibrant royal blue, and has lasted well. I am 3 weeks post-coloring it and it hasn't faded a bit. It did not make my hair feel weird and it smells really good!
By Kimia
Tustin, CA
March 12, 2017
Great for fashion colors!
I purchased the pravana vivids in violet and magenta. I went to the salon and had my dark brown hair bleached on the ends for a balyage look, my hairdresser added purple to the ends but my hair faded to kind of a green color. I ended up achieving a really pretty lavender after putting the magenta on the ends. This is a great product, and I will switch from diluting it with white conditioner to putting it on straight up. My only issue with it is that it fades SO quickly. Since dyeing my hair purple I went from washing my hair once every two-three days to washing it once every five to seven days. Its not as bad as it sounds, braids are a lifesaver, and it helps your color last longer.
ProsHighly pigmented, beautiful colors.
ConsFades quickly.
By Kat
Shady side, MD
March 1, 2017
pravana has always been one of my favorites! It lasts a long time and it's easy enough to use.
By Samantha
Myrtle Beach, SC
February 7, 2017
I have been using Pravana for years and it has never failed me. There are some other brands out there that are just as good though. I have begun to prefer Joico Color Intensity over Pravana only because it seems to last in my hair a bit longer. The fact that there is no developer means less damage to your hair. For me, Pravana Vivids will last about 4-5 weeks in my hair before being completely faded out. My favorite is their purple color. I have tried the Locked In Purple and it isn't as good in my opinion.
ProsGreat Color Payoff Reasonably Priced Less Damaging to Hair
ConsDoesn't last as long as other brands
By Gaby
Elizabethtown, KY
January 6, 2017
Love it
Best fantasy color line that I have tried yet, color last way longer than manic panic
By Kendra
December 24, 2016
Hands down the best long lasting, vivid, and fun color options I tried!
ProsVivid colors Amazing colors to choose from Long lasting (the best that I've found) Hair doesn't feel damaged after (WIN!) You don't have to bleach your hair pale blonde for the color to shine through, depending on the look you're going for. Hands down, my absolute fav hair dye for bright, fun colors! Get it already
ConsIf you go to bed with your hair slightest but wet, it will bleed or rub off on to the pillow/bed for about the first 2 to 3 weeks. So protect your pillow with a dark colored towel wrap your hair up. (there is a warning on the box stating as much) Use a sealer after your first couple of Shampoo/conditioners. Wash with cool water never hot to prolong your color. Try not to was it everyday, especially when you first dye it.
By Valerie
Bakersfield, CA
November 23, 2016
Love it!
Great bright color! Long lasting.
17 Questions & 19 Answers
from Denver, Co asked:
July 30, 2017
Help it's my first time doing color to my deep brown hair. I've heard this product is amazing. What all do I need to buy for this product?

from FL asked:
March 4, 2017
Do I need a separate developer for this? Or is it ready to use with no additional mix-in necessary?
Pravana vivids does not need a separate developer. This particular hair color is ready to use out of the box as-is. It does not necessitate the use of a developer or for your hair to be pre-lightened to make the hair shaft more porous for it to deposit color.
on September 15, 2017
from Townsend, DE
this is ready to use they say not to mix with developer, it's a semi-perm dye so you have to make sure you get every strand kinda of like applying manic panic. Also, it will more than likely bleed in the shower and stain your pillowcase i would also recommend color sealer and use cold water good luck
on September 15, 2017
from horsham, PA
No, that's the beauty of using Pravana products just make sure to get it all though your hair.
on September 16, 2017
from Crawfordville, Florida
Yes, you need a separate developer for this.
on September 20, 2017
from Chino Hills, CA

from West Virginia asked:
April 15, 2016
Hi...I am looking for something to enhance my 50percent grey hair and deepen it to make it look silvery. Will silver work for this? Thanks
Yes it will work great just make sure you use the purple shampoo & conditioner to keep it looking great. I didn't wash mine for about 5 days the first time, just don't wash it too often at first and it will stay with you.
on September 5, 2017
from Crawfordville, Florida
yes it should work, if not it will wash out in a few months :) good luck
on September 7, 2017
from horsham, PA

from San diego asked:
March 31, 2016
Do I need a developer
Not for this one no, they state to not mix with anything. If you have hair longer than shoulder length I would buy two of these just and FYI
on August 31, 2017
from horsham, PA
No developer is needed for this product but using gloves is strongly recommended!
on August 31, 2017
from Las Vegas, NV

from Hh asked:
March 16, 2016
Is this permanent or semi permanent hair color?
This is semi permanent, you don't mix it with developer and it will bleed pretty bad for the first like 5 times you wash it. Use a color sealer to help keep the color a little longer. Depending on what color you want I would suggest bleaching and getting a black or dark pillow case :)
on August 28, 2017
from horsham, PA
It's seems permanent, and will last longer with sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. First picture is February 21; second picture May 25 with no touch ups.
on August 29, 2017
from Dallas, Texas
Permanent color I was turning grey so I decide why not make my hair one color instead of many colors. After looking around for something that would be easy to do and look great I decided on the Pravana silver, everyone likes it and I love it.
on September 5, 2017
from Crawfordville, Florida

from Murrieta, ca asked:
January 22, 2016
I'm thinking of purchasing this product and was curious how many ounces each tube is and how much to buy. My hair is a medium short but there's a lot of it. I usually use 8-10 oz of different products. Help? Thanks.
the tubes are 3oz and are straight deposit (no developer). so i'd get what you think you'd need it's better to have more vs less
on August 11, 2017
from HONOLULU, Hawaii
Each tube is 3 oz of ready to use color, no developer is used. Depending on how thick your hair is, 2 tubes should be plenty. I have long, thick hair and usually only use 2 - 2 1/2 tubes.
on August 15, 2017
from Cartersville, GA

traci Andreassean
from tacoma asked:
January 3, 2016
do I need to use a developer?

from Oklahoma asked:
December 30, 2015
How exactly is this applied? Do I need to bleach my hair first? Do I mix this with anything?

from Thousand Oaks, ca asked:
December 14, 2015
How do I take it off? I have naturally darkish brown hair and did the blue and I don't like it. Help!

from Turkey asked:
September 22, 2015
How many ounces is it? I guess you didn't mention it. And how can i know how much does the shipping cost for Turkey?

from California asked:
September 16, 2015
I'm looking for pravana blue locked in purple. Is that just the blue

from California asked:
September 16, 2015
I'm looking for pravana blue locked in purple. Is that just the blue

from San Jose , ca asked:
October 10, 2014
What color should I combine this violet with to make a burgundy ?
It depends which color your hair is now - do you need a lift or only color deposit, which level has your hair and which you wish...
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from California asked:
August 21, 2014
For Pravan chromasilk vivids red do I need to bleach my hair? How long will it stay? My hair is bleached blonde-orange should I just put it on? What is the best permanent that has bleach in the dye so all I need to do is puy it on and its bright red? HELP PLZ!!! Thank you
It is not a good idea to use permanent color l over highlighted hair - you can serious damage your hair. You can use non-permanent (semi or demi) color for reduce unwanted hues.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from New York City asked:
June 18, 2014
my problem i have is my roots i have dyed my hair with this before i never bleached my hair the first time i put it in my hair my i didn't put any volume in it or toner i just put it straight on my head and it was on my roots for a little then it came off i know its semi but isn't it suppose to last longer then 2-3 weeks and i recently dyed it and now this time i used volume 20 and toner and it didnt stay at all on my roots it didnt even lift so i dont know if i should bleach just the roots to get the color to stay cause it stays everywhere else
Semi/demi colors can not lift the color of your natural hair at all. You'll need permanent color for that
on July 17, 2014
from San Jose, CA
Semi/demi colors can NOT lift your natural hair
on July 17, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from Skokie, Illinois asked:
June 7, 2014
Will the violet hair dye take well with dark hair?I don't want to bleach my hair so I want to make sure I'm not wasting my money on something that won't show.
In this case "Violet" can add light violet shadow for dark hair and shine. Not more
on June 15, 2014
from San Jose, CA

Marissa Gallego
from Charleston. South Carolina asked:
April 29, 2014
How do you mix the colors to get a dark brown almost black to blonde or platinum blonde? Is it possible?
With this product it is not possible. You can try Pravana ChromaSilk
on June 15, 2014
from San Jose, CA

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