ProDesign Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray

ProDesign Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray
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Hair Care / Conditioner / Leave-In Spray

What is this product?
ProDesign Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray permanently rebuilds all hair types.

More info:

    Treatment for damaged, dull, limp or dry hair. Massive body and shine. For use before, during AND after chemical and color services.

    water, wheat germamidopropyl dimethylamine hydrolyzed protein (wheat germ protein), hydrolyzed wheat protein/dimethicone copolyol copolymer (protein/silicon copolymer), hydrolyzed keratin (reactive cystine protein), soluble protein, panthenol (vitamin B), amino acids (lysine HCI, phenylalanine, proline, hydroxyproline, histidine HCI), dimethicone copolyol phosphate (sea sand silicon), acetamide MEA, hydrolyzed wheat protein polysiloxane copolymer (protein/silicon copolymer), polyquaternium-4 (cationic cellulose), cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin, PVP/VA copolymer, wheat amine acides, cetrimonium chloride, cocodimonium hydroxypropyl ethanol, cocoamidopropyl betaine, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, botanical fruit lipids (chamomile, rosemary, sage, nettle and aloevera), fragrance, citric acid (fruit acid), ascorbic acid (vitamin C, fruit acid), magnesium sulfate, DMDM hydantoin, glycerin, methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, BCC12-Base.
    Spray all over damp hair, cover with a plastic cap and heat with blow dryer for 5 minutes. Remove cap, comb through and dry thoroughly into hair with heat.
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14% (9)
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84% Recommend this product (54 of 64 responses)
By Kelly
Greenwood, SC
January 25, 2017
Love it!
This spray helps repair the damage caused by both perming and coloring my hair
By Charlene
Tucker, GA
January 18, 2017
Love it.!
My hair feels soft and is easy to comb when wet.
By Debra
November 30, 2016
Have used it for years
The spray head tends to go bad before the bottle is empty. That's a pain. I think it gets plugged or just plain disentigrates inside. Product is fabulous for long or short hair
Consspray top on bottle tends to go bad.
By IBas
September 7, 2016
Love this product
Frequent user and would not be without it. Keeps my hair in great shape
By Dagneli
Kissimmee, FL
July 1, 2016
Love it
Amazing product
By Karen
May 13, 2016
Great product
My stylist suggested this product. It's a great detangler and heat protector. It shipped very quickly from this site!
ConsI had to be home to sign for the package, which does lets the seller know it arrived. Had I not been home, it would have had to pick it up at Fed Ex. I would have been ok allowing the package be waiting on my doorstep. It all worked out though.
By krish
amsterdam, Europe-
May 6, 2016
Really like this product
Really like this product
By Terry
Palm City, Florida
October 31, 2015
Love it
Great hair product to put protein back in your hair
By ,
September 21, 2015
This is an overall good product. I have normal hair on top and a little dry on the end from dying; this conditioner leave my hair super shiny, healthy looking and always getting compliments on the incredible smell. Definitely a recommendation, sleek hair carries so many great and different products.
By Donna
September 21, 2015
This is an overall good product. I have normal hair on top and a little dry on the end from dying; this conditioner leave my hair super shiny, healthy looking and always getting compliments on the incredible smell. Definitely a recommendation, sleek hair carries so many great and different products.
6 Questions & 35 Answers
from Sacramento asked:
January 11, 2016
My hairstylist tried to do low-lights on my blonde hair and goofed up BIG time. To offset any damage, she put me under a dryer with a Tiger "protein pack" on my hair for about 20 minutes. I sometimes use a LITTLE Tiger sprayed on my ends after I wash it. But VERY LITTLE because my hair is thin and fine. More than that makes my hair too soft to even hold a style! It's crazy! So, I've washed my hair twice since the treatment, but my hair is still too soft. Arrrgh! Any suggestions for getting it out of my hair?

from LaGrange, GA asked:
August 27, 2015
Could you verify the price for the refill bottle of Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray?

from alabama asked:
May 22, 2015
would this product worked on bleached african american type 4c hair?
I think yes..also protein is for bleached hair becouse protein makes hair stronger
on June 16, 2015
from Wilmington, DE

from fl asked:
October 25, 2013
ProDesign said that this product can be used "during" color services. How do you use this product during color services? Do you spray it on before applying the color or do you r mix it with the color?
My stylist mixes it in the color.
on October 25, 2013
from Littleton, CO
You can spray it on before to even out the porosity of the hair, or spray it in the bleach but no more than like 4 sprays
on October 25, 2013
from Bakersfield, CA
I don't color my hair so I'm unable to help with this question.
on October 25, 2013
from Lexington KY
I used it prior to applying the color, it is the best thing to give strength to FINE HAIR. I also use it with a plastic bag and heat after color and once per week after shampoo. When I don't use the Protein, I use the Spray mist moisturizer after shampooing. In the past I used a product that Redken no longer makes called PPT and have been lost without it. Now that I have discovered the Tiger Protein my fine hair is back to feeling thick with lots of body. I am so glad because it has been a few years since my PPT ran out. What a relief to see my fine hair change from flat, frizzy and hard to dry to this healthy, bouncy, fullness.
on October 25, 2013
from Florence, OR
I'm not a hairdresser, but I believe my hairdresser sprayed it on my hair after shampooing, before applying color..
on October 25, 2013
from Illinoiz
In essence, you can use it any way, but I strongly suggest using it as follows: wash and dry your hair (no conditioner), then apply to damp (not wet hair), and then blow dry in until you are 80-90% dry. This method will allow the reconstructor treatment to be "damaged" by the color or highlight vs. damaging your hair. Although you can use it "wet" with color or applied to hair prior to a perm, the product will dilute your color and make it runny. However, it works excellent wet for a perm while rolling and/or after the hair is rolled and prior to putting on the solution. Additionally, it is great to use after chemical services such as highlights, color, or perms.
on October 25, 2013
from Ames, Iowa
Neither. I use the ProDesign TIGer Protein Reconstructor Spray as an after shampoo (with Tiger Protein Shampoo) spray on conditioned. It works like a charm. Rarely a knot or tangle to content with.
on October 25, 2013
from Tillson, New York
I use it before applying color
Charlene Rivard
on October 25, 2013
from Atlanta, Georgia
Unfortunately, I have never used the product as it relates to this question. However, I regularly highlight my hair and find that this product strengthens the hair after a coloring process. Used regularly this Reconstructor will improve your hair. Love the product and highly recommend.
on October 26, 2013
from Lenexa, KS
I have only used the product when I wash my hair (as a conditioner). My hair dresser does not use it when I get my hair highlighted or colored. I have been using it for years and love it! It really keeps my hair in healthy condition.
on October 26, 2013
from Millersville, Md.
I spray it on before the color service then comb through. Depending on the porosity of the hair like a tint back on over lightened hair I mix it with the color AND spray it on before the service.
on October 28, 2013
from Blue Springs, MO
To use Tiger Reconstructor during coloring: Add 10 squirts to whatever you are mixing for coloring or highlighting (bleach, semi, demi or permanent color). Mix well and apply as usual. Tiger Reconstructor has changed my hair's life. I used to have very thin hair where you could almost see thru to my scalp. After a few months of 4 squirts a day, I noticed a huge difference. After about 1 year, my hair has totally transformed to a full, strong and beautiful head of hair. There is no way you can see my scalp now. Just as important is that I do not have to color my hair as often. Instead of every 3 weeks, I can wait until the 5th week. Last but certainly not least, the color has never looked so vibrant. Thank you. Rhonda
on October 30, 2013
from Chicago, Illinois

from Chicago il asked:
March 4, 2013
How often do you use this product
After every wash and I even use it on days I don't wash and want the scrunch look.
on March 4, 2013
from Chillicothe, IL
I use this product every time I shampoo my hair.
on March 4, 2013
from Pearl, MS
I use this product each time I wash and dry my hair. I have used the product since it first came on the market- and I truly believe that it is the reason my hair is so healthy!!! My stylist says that it can be used every 3 days or so- as it is a protein and soaks into the hair- but I still try to use it every day. Hope this helps!
on March 4, 2013
from Wisconsin
As a hair dresser I would recommend once a week and after you color, perm or do any chemical process to your hair. This product is really good for bleached hair or over processed hair.
on March 4, 2013
from Bakersfield, CA
Every time I shampoo & condition.
on March 4, 2013
from Chicago, Illinois
I use this product about 4 times a month, right after shampooing, exactly as directed for the best results. I also use it before & after perms. I have fine thin hair and this product really gives me nice body if I use it with the plastic cap and blow-dryer as the instructions suggest.
on March 4, 2013
from North Port, FL
I use this product almost every time I wash my hair which is about 4 times per week. About once a week I use the ProDesign Tiger moisturizing mask to balance. I have been told by several hair stylists that using too much protein can be drying. Using the mask keeps my hair very shiny! I have also been told by my current stylist that the ProDesign Protein spray is better than the one that is sold by her salon! I have been using this product for about 3 years and it has made a difference in the thickness of my hair. I hope this helps!
on March 4, 2013
from La Crosse, Wisconsin
ProDesign Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray is a excellent product for persons with thin fine hair that breaks easily. The protein element in the product strengthens hair and prevents breakage. My hair feels fuller and looks great. I am a long time user and feel the product is worth the expense. Tiger Reconstructor was recommended to me by a friend who lost her hair during chemo treatments. Her hairdresser had suggested she try it to help strengthen her regrowth. It worked wonderfully. Consequently, I figured it might just work great on my thin hair... And it did! Satisfied customer and happy to recommended it.
on March 4, 2013
from Lenexa, KS
I have used Tiger for years. I apply it to my hair at least once a week. If I am getting ready for a perm I apply Tiger daily for 3 to 4 days ahead of the perm. My stylist also applies Tiger to my hair just before wrapping.
on March 5, 2013
from Largo, FL
I use this product twice a week and have had great results. My stylist said that too much protein can cause hair to become brittle.
on March 5, 2013
from Batavia Ohio
I use Tiger protein Reconstructor every time I wash my hair. I apply it to my wet hair and then comb through.
Charlene Rivard
on March 5, 2013
from Atlanta, Georgia
I use this 2-3 times per week. I always add a moisture leave in product as well. This is a great protein product for damaged hair but it is not moisturizing. I use Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick. It is a leave in conditioning foam for normal to dry hair. My hair is super dry from being bleached/colored so these 2 products are a life saver.
on March 5, 2013
from De Pere, WI
I love this product! I have loose natural curls and I use this about two or three times a week. It makes my hair feel and look healthy. Also, my other hair products seem to work better when applied after the Reconstructing spray. I've been using it for about three years now!
on March 6, 2013
from Palm City, FL

from Portland, OR asked:
December 3, 2011
Can this product be used everyday as a leave in conditioner?
Yes. My 27 year old daughter has fine thin hair. It is fragile and prone to breakage. This product significantly strengthened her hair, promoted growth, and gave her volume. The product was recommended by a hair dresser who said chemo patients like it to promote re-growth following hair loss due to chemo. My daughter used it for months to get her hair wedding-ready and grow longer. She was not disappointed. The entire line is great.
on December 3, 2011
from Lenexa, KS
This product is great! I use it everyday after i I towel dry my hair. The reason I started using this product was because the front of my hair became very elastic. Not sure if it was from highlighting or if it was from certain water, but as soon as the protein touched my hair it just sucked it up. My hair has never been stronger or softer. Yes, you can use it everyday. I still use a conditioner everyday and then spray this on. I'm not sure this product would detangle like an actual conditioner. This product is more to make your hair strong and shiney! Hope that helps.
on December 3, 2011
from Nazareth , PA
I do use this everyday as a leave in, but after I shampoo and use my regular conditioner. I find that using this everyday makes my hair stronger, look healthier and help the other styling products I put in my hair do their "job" better.
on December 3, 2011
from wisconsin
Yes! I have been using this product for about 7 years now. I still shampoo and condition as normal and then I spray the Tiger spray onto my toweled dry hair. I then add whatever products I wish to use and style. I am always changing my hair color/style and if I wasn't using this product I know my hair would be in horrible condition. Tiger Protein Reconstructor Spray has kept my hair shiny and healthy style change after style change. In fact, I need to reorder some today!
on December 5, 2011
from Wisconsin
This product is used after washing and conditioning your hair. Spray damp hair evenly and then style your hair as desired.
on December 6, 2011
from Virginia
Yes. I did this for years. Be sure to use a moisturizer periodically along with it so the protein doesn't overdo and make your hair dry and brittle.
on December 8, 2011
from Atlanta, Ga
what fragrance does this product have?
on February 12, 2014
from Puget Sound, Washington
on March 6, 2014
from San Jose, CA
Yes, but not all year becouse protein will make your hair dry. You should use this then make a pause and use some moisture spray then you can return to this
on June 16, 2015
from Wilmington, DE

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