Quantum Thermal Straightener Permanent Hair Straightening System (Formaldehyde-Free)

Quantum Thermal Straightener Permanent Hair Straightening System (Formaldehyde-Free)
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Quantum Thermal Straightener Permanent Hair Straightening System is a FORMALDEHYDE-FREE, professional, permanent hair straightening system that permanently straightens curly or wavy hair and provides dramatic and long lasting results immediately.

Available in 2 formulas:
  • Color Treated Formula
  • Normal/Resistant Formula

Quantum© Thermal Straightener™ now features Aroma-Fresh™ Odor Block with keratin for stronger, healthier hair. The Quantum method blends Japanese-style technology with proven Quantum know-how to create a 4-step system that provides dramatic and long lasting results immediately. It features Equalizer 3 which smooths the cuticle, helps prevent damage, eliminates static & flyaways and improves texture & body. Our formula is also enriched with minerals, collagen and multivitamins to provide inner hair strength.

  • One (1) Quantum Porosity Equalizer Step 1, 4 oz./118 ml
  • One (1) Quantum Straightener Step 2, 16.7 fl oz/490 ml
  • Two (2) Quantum Neutralizers Step 3, 8 oz./237 ml each
  • One (1) Quantum Leave-In Treatment Step 4, 4 oz./118 ml
  • Direction Insert
Click here to download the PDF perm guide for complete instructions.

You will need the Adobe PDF reader in order to view this file. Don't have the reader? Download it here.
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By Patrice
Woodstock, GA
August 18, 2015
Love It!
I have color treated hair (permanent hair color) that has to be "touched up" about every four weeks. My haircolor of choice is Copper Red, and my normal haircolor would now be dark brown and gray, or salt and pepper (heavy on the salt). I've had thermal straightening done twice before at a salon, and the fumes were outrageous. I had my friend (who is a hairdresser) put this on my hair, and it turned out really fabulous. This is not something you can do by yourself. You will need assistance, even if your hair is not long like mine. I didn't like the salon straightening treatments because it literally made my hair look like someone had poured oil on it, just too straight. This treatment is not quite so severe which is perfect for my type of hair. I would recommend this product to anyone with fuzzy hair.
By c
United States
October 24, 2014
NOT formaldehyde free as shown
I was so excited to see this product was formaldehyde free, but when I received it, the box did not say formaldehyde free as shown in the picture. I wasted my time and did not get to do my hair in time for my vacation. Did not have time to order from somewhere else. Contacted sleekhair and they do not have the formaldehyde free version so they couldn't do anything but allow me to return the product (they did provide a pre paid label). Therefore, did not get my hair done in time for my vacation and now I have to waste my time to package and ship it back which I HATE to do.
By Alisha
Oshkosh, WI
July 15, 2014
I did this on my moms hair about a week ago and so far so good, she really likes it! She had sgraight and curly hair and this helped straighten the curly kinky hair. I did not leave it on anywhere close to the max processing times and you do get a lot of product with this so no need to buy more than one box unless you're doing like a whole family with really long hair or something lol. This has the same ingredient as a perm and sure smells like it.
By E
July 8, 2014
I like this, my dughter used this on my hair in the normal resistent and it is great. So soft and straigt, my hair is like I have never felt before even with a flat iron. It has keratin and argan oil too. Will have to see how it lasts on my kinky curly coarse caucasian hair.
By Sharon
Los Angeles, Ca
April 7, 2012
Normal/Resistant Formula - Thermal Straightner
I love this product, my hair would not straighten good with a regular hair straightener and now it is straight
Prosit did what it was suppose
By Romona
Salisbury, NC 28147
April 7, 2012
Color Treated Formula - Quantum Thermal Straightner Permanent Hair Straightening
This product6 works great, if you go to a salon that does this it will cost between three and four hundred dollars, I ordered the product and took it to my hair dresser and she applied for me. I ended up with cost of product and putting it on at only $90, the process is time consuming about three and a half hours, but it works so great and when you straighten your hair it looks like it grew a couple of inches over night. I am loving it, so easy to care for just be sure you don't wash for 48 hours and no outside work that will make you sweat. It is an amazing product, but I can't imagine doing it by ytour self. Highly Recommended!
By Dana
Fresno, CA
November 30, 2011
Exactly what I wanted!
I just did my second treatment of the Quantum Thermal Straightener after a year. I've done it by myself both times, which I would not recommend doing because applying step one can take awhile to finish and mess with your processing time. I timed myself as I went and ended up rinsing section by section, minutes apart to make sure everything was processed. Both gave me amazing results, and my hair feels healthier than before. Anyone saying it doesn't work maybe didn't read the directions fully and skipped the flat iron step or didn't saturate the hair enough. And those with breakage probably left step 1 in much too long. Great product, and I would recommend to anyone who wants pin straight hair
Prosno breakage, makes hair feel softer, gets rid of nearly all frizz, very low cost compared to having done at a salon, completely straightens tight curls
By Adie
Fredericksburg, VA
November 30, 2011
Best Hair Week Ever!
I am mixed race (I have fine, thick,medium length, previously curly, colored hair), and have tried many methods to manage or straighten my hair. Although apprehensive, I tried this product based on other reviews, and after 2 weeks I am still in love! My hair has never been this smooth, soft or manageable, and for the first time in my life, I can wash and blowdry my hair in under 20 mins (it used to take me an hour and my hair would still be damp). If you love your curls and don't want to lose them, this isn't the product for you, but if you want straight hair, I would recommend this in a heartbeat over traditional lye and no-lye perms. It took me about 3½ hours from start to finish with someone helping me apply it evenly, but I am absolutely thrilled, and it's so worth the wait. I only used about a third of the package, which is great as I won't have to re-order for touch ups. I recommend the color treated for fine hair, even if you don't have colour treated hair.
19 Questions & 9 Answers
from New York asked:
July 27, 2017
what is the difference between the normal and color treated systems? I ordered the normal one and the directions say no to use on colored hair and I have dyed my hair.

from OH asked:
May 1, 2017
What are the ingredients in each of the containers in this hair straightening product?

Melannie Freire
from Baltimore asked:
August 16, 2016
I Bought the this treatment months before but i am gone used now for the first time but I was reading the instructions & I want to know if I can or I have to use the straightening iron after apply the last two steps( neutralization & the leave in conditioner Because it says " the hair is now ready for styling " But I don't know if I have to use the straightening iron when I done with all the process

from Ga asked:
July 27, 2016
I followed the instructions on this product to the t and my client hair is still not straight!

Patricia Elizabeth Garcia
from New Jersey asked:
November 2, 2014
Hi I have curly hair and want to try this product out. it says permanent straightening system, does it mean, my hair will lose its curls forever, or does it last a few months? thank you. if so, what keratin can i use, so it wont be permanent, because i love my curls, just want a temporary change.

from Canada asked:
September 19, 2014
How does this solution work with African hair ,be it chemically treated hair ,coloured hair or virgin hair. Gladys

from Bronx, New York asked:
August 5, 2014
Can i dye my hair while this product is already in my hair?
You should wait at least 2 weeks before you color your hair, you could seriously damage your hair if you double process it.
on February 7, 2015
from 78228

from Calgary, Canada asked:
July 22, 2014
My question is in regards to step 2. My current hair dresser uses a special flat iron to de ionize my hair, after that she applies another solution to lock/neutralize the straightness. Does this product come with the straightener? or how does step 2 compare to my hair dressers straightener? I am fairly confident my hair dresser is using the same brand of product, so if she is I am switching! I just wanted to confirm the straightener part though.

Beth Captan
from New york asked:
September 9, 2013
Is this Keratin hair straightener. I am resistant to Keratin after 7 years. Is the stronger one Japanese straightener with chemicals in it. I have color treated hair, frizzy, curly and thick. I do not want more chemicals. One picture is curly and unmanageable. The other is early use of Keratin. Both are colored but the straight one is RED color the ther is brown.
This kit is For Normal or Resistant Hair (NON-Color Treated hair)
on June 16, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from Indianapolis asked:
April 11, 2013
After using this product, how long should you wait to try to straighten hair with another relaxing product (chemical)?

from vero beach, fl asked:
February 28, 2013
I recently got my hair straightened with this product and when I washed it out 72 hours later it was back to the exact same thing. When can i try it again? will a week later be too soon?

gigi mormando
from new york asked:
October 21, 2012
is this for african american hairi
African American Hair has a coarse texture, and the hair fibers are more tight. This product would be better for someone that has a finer texture of hair.
on November 1, 2012
from toronto, canada

gigi mormando
from new york asked:
October 19, 2012
is this for african american hairi
is this for black people hair. and how long do it last
on March 3, 2014
from ny
It is for Normal or Resistant Hair (Non-Color Treated hair)
on June 16, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from dalles tx asked:
August 15, 2012
how long would it stay in ur hair?

from dalles,tx asked:
August 14, 2012
How long would it stay in ur hair,about?
All the time. You should use it again on new growth area only
on June 16, 2014
from San Jose, CA

from san gabriel ca asked:
July 17, 2012
how long does it last
Hello, mine was for 3 months. use a good hydrating shampoo for more result
on July 18, 2012
from Paris, France
from two and a half to three months, it is an absolutely wonderful product. My daughter has been doing it for years at a salon and paying four hundred dollars, I bought this on line and get my hair dresser to do it for sixty. Such a great deal and a great product, I have colored my hair for years and was amazed at how solf and silky my hair was when it was completed, I was expecting it to be very dry and brittle but it wasn't wonderful product
on July 19, 2012
from Salisbury, NC

from windsor, lasalle asked:
June 27, 2012
Ok im not so sure if i completly understand about the bleached hair part though, but my hair is bleached with powder bleach and peroxied about 40% no higher tho .. but i bleach my hair every month or 2 .. will it distroy my hair more then it is if i use the colour treated one ?

from qatar/Doha asked:
May 11, 2012
is it same as perm? any side effects? is it good for frizzy/African like/ long hairs?

from PA asked:
December 28, 2011
After Step 1, do I need to rinse my hair (and the equalizer out), or do I leave it in and continue onto Step 2? The instructions are a bit vague. Thanks
After step 1 you should not wash your hair
on June 16, 2014
from San Jose, CA

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