Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color

Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color
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Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color

The haircolor of the future has arrived. Chromatics prismatic permanent haircolor delivers 4-D color results deep into every strand. Zero ammonia, zero odor-just stunning, high shine color and hair that's 2X fortified* with Chromatics vs. uncolored hair.

You’ve heard of calcium to fortify your bones and exercise to fortify your muscles... but what are you doing to keep your hair strong and healthy? Introducing new Chromatics- this revolutionary professional haircolor fortifies every strand giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair and amazing color after just one use.

No matter what color result you want, Chromatics has a shade that's perfect for you. Check out these looks and then visit the Style Gallery for more haircolor inspiration.

From Icy Platinum to Warm Honey-Blonde, a Chromatics hair color service offers a range of stunning high-shine blonde shades. And because hair is left 2X more fortified, your blonde will be stronger and healthier than ever.

Chromatics offers rich, radiant brunettes with amazing shine and dimension. Whether you need to cover gray or just want to enrich your current color, Chromatics will give you the beautiful, polished brunette color you are looking for, with revolutionary results.

As any redhead knows, finding a color that is vibrant and long-lasting enough can be a challenge. With Chromatics, you've finally met your perfect match. Redken's advanced Rubilane Technology and R5 dyes give you amazing reds and coppers that stand the test of time, while fortifying your hair!

Top 5 Reasons to use Chromatics:
1) 2X FORTIFIED HAIR* : Breakthrough formula features protein extracts that penetrate deep into every strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair.
2) ZERO AMMONIA, ZERO ODOR : Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor smell. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia formula means no odor, no discomfort—just amazing color.
3) 100% COVERAGE : Your stylist can cover gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.
4) MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, 4D COLOR RESULTS : Hair is infused with long-lasting color that’s radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat.
5) UNLIMITED COLOR POSSIBILITIES : Chromatics features an incredible range of shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so your stylist can custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you.

* Fortifies the cuticle for 2X less breakage when using Chromatics Permanent Haircolor System with 20 volume Oil in Cream Developer and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo vs. uncolored hair treated with a non-conditioning shampoo.

Preparation of the mixture: Wear suitable disposable gloves. Mix 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer.

Application and Rinsing: Wear suitable disposable gloves. Do not use with metal tools (clips and combs). Process at room temperature for 35 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly after the processing time and shampoo with Redken Hair Cleansing Creme.
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By Smewsh
Los Angeles
June 22, 2017
Awesome color. Makes hair stronger. Looks natural compared to other purples.
Kansas City, mo
June 2, 2017
It's a little darker than expected but that just might be how my hair took the color. But overall, gorgeous. especially when the sun shines on my head, the red is so pretty! I love this brand also, doesn't dry out my hair at all! I have gotten lots of compliments.
ProsSmell Shine Color Softness
June 1, 2017
Beautiful Color
I have used Redken products since my career began in the beauty industry some 30 years ago and I am always impressed with the results I get. The Chromatics line is my latest endeavor and as always, love the product. I purchased the 4Vr and 4R and mixed them to get an amazing color. Was a bit concerned that it might be too dark as I typically use level 5 color. But my desire to try the line was enough for me to take the chance... I am not disappointed and have received many compliments on not only the color but also how brilliant it is. My experience ordering through Sleekhair was just as incredible. They took the time to inform me that they were unable to fulfill my entire order due to running out but they were very quick to send me what they did have. My order was placed on Tuesday and despite the setbacks the remaining part of my order was delivered by Friday. The company is on their game, they definitely have my business from here on out and will be telling others about them.
By Kat
Shady side, MD
May 14, 2017
Great color
Such a great color! I'll definitely be buying again
By Dawn
Alpharetta, GA
March 14, 2017
Love it!
The girl at the salon uses this on my hair. i love that i can get the same color for a quick touch up in between Does not dry out your hair, and also gives nice natural highlights.
By Tessia M Thomas
February 10, 2017
Need help
Do you have to bleach to use color im trying to find the oil slick
By connie
San Marcos Texas
January 9, 2017
love it
I mix copper red and copper Chromatics to get my desired color.
ProsIt doesn't smell bad, as other products I have used. the color doesn't fade as fast as other red products I have used.
By connie wierzbicki
San Marcos Texas
January 9, 2017
love it
I combine Redken copper and copper red to get a beautiful color. It doesn't fade as fast as other reds. It doesn't dry my hair and doesn't have an awful smell as others do.
By Elva
Riverview, FL
December 12, 2016
Great product!
This is a great product! My only complaint is that sometimes the color is a little lighter than what I would like. My husband colors my hair and we save at least forty dollars every 3 to 4 weeks. I would definitely recommend! Best of all, no tipping required and my hair gets colored when I need it! No waiting for an appointment at the salon.
ProsProduct is better for your hair than grocery store or drug store color.
ConsNot sure about expiration dates on product.
The West Coast
September 6, 2016
Brilliant Coverage
It's easy to apply and the color retains its brilliance, depth, and natural tones. Perfect for anyone wanting to return to their original hair color for a more natural look!
25 Questions & 14 Answers
Melinda Rivera
from Chicago asked:
August 17, 2017
My hair is a medium neutral brown (box color). It fades bad. What is a nice neutral brown not too light and not black . Thanks
Look for the levels with the N shade. The Ns stand for Neutral or Natural shade. Choose the number of level based on how dark you would prefer. Also, the redken shades eq gloss line is great to keep your hair color fresh inbetween colors. Hope that helps! :)
on August 18, 2017
from Omaha, Nebraska

from Miami,Florida asked:
July 1, 2017
I ordered chromatic 6gb, which I thought was gold / brown. But when I received my color the box read gold/ beige. Is this the same as gold/ brown? Or do I have to return the boxes and have sleek hair send me the correct color?

from Centerville, Ga asked:
June 20, 2017
I ordered the 5ab - ash black however the product that I received was labeled 5ab - ash blue. Is this the same color or a shipping error. What has been the experience of people who used of the 5ab ash black (or ash blue) with regard to how close the color depicted online resembled their personal results - lighter or darker.
I have not used the colors myself, but true black is actually a highly saturated blue pigments. If you were to dilute a level 1 black, it would eventually dilute to a blue base. Hope that helps! :)
on August 18, 2017
from Omaha, Nebraska

from OC CA asked:
February 28, 2016
What is a beautiful chromatics base formula to cover greys for my natural level 6/7 hair. I don't want any brassy just a rich grey coverage similar to my own color. Thank you!

from Alabama asked:
January 20, 2016
Past and current using chromatics 5 NW with chromatics 20 dev. And love it. How is the color Clear used normally?
Clear is used to dilute colors. Clear is a color itself technically, but cannot be used without adding to another color. If the colors are stronger than desired result, you use clear as a color to add in and soften results. Works best with reds, blondes and toners. It is usually used in conjunction with a customized formula for client specific results. Hope that helps! :)
on August 18, 2017
from Omaha, Nebraska

from Sterling Heights, MI asked:
December 2, 2015
Does Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color have metallic ingredient? The reason why I ask is because I had my hair straightened. My hairstylist said I should not use any hair color that has "metallic" ingredient. Thanks

April Cunning
from Springfield, MA asked:
November 18, 2015
How to apply the 4NW color? Would you please let me know which developer is good to go with it? How long the color will last?, after we have our hair dye, what kind of shampoo and conditioner should we use to keep our hair color last longer? Thanks
Know the difference between your current level to your desired level. You can look up an image search for "hair color level chart". The difference between the two levels will dictate which volume developer to use. If it is the same level or less, use 10 volume developer; up to 2 levels of lift, then use 20 volume; 3 levels, then use 30 volume; more than 3, you must prelighten the hair with bleach lightener. Only use the Redken Oil in Cream Developer with the Redken Chromatics colors. Mix equal parts hair color to developer. Apply and then let process for 35 minutes. The time the color will last in your hair is based on the difference of natural color to your desired result. (Also, your the amount of grays matters!) The greater the difference, the shorter length of time it will last. For colors like 4NW, they usually last longer than lighter shades and reds. Six to eight weeks is a general rule of thumb, but more if you can stand your root grow out. To keep your color looking fresh, Redken makes an AMAZING product called Redken Shades EQ Gloss. It is definitely a cult-favorite and they sell it here on SleekHair. It brings back shininess and vibrance to your hair. It is great to use in-between hair coloring. You might even get away with using the gloss every other time, instead of just this permanent color. (Only use it with the specific Shades EQ activator, it will not work with any developers.) For shampoos and conditioners, find products that state they are color safe. There are millions out there and they will keep the color from fading faster. Redken makes some great ones.
on August 18, 2017
from Omaha, Nebraska

Anila Lamani
from Philadelphia pa 19114 asked:
November 14, 2015
my hair is dark brown, what number should I use to have light brown color. thanks
If your hair is natural, never colored virgin hair; these directions should help as a guide. If you hair is previously colored, you will have to compensate for what is already in your hair. If you search google for a "hair level chart", you can choose which level you currently are and what level you want to achieve. The difference of the two number is how many levels you want your developer to lighten. With that number, decide which volume developer to use. As for developers, 10 volume generally has no lift and it deposits only; 20 volume is up to 2 levels of lift; 30 is up to 3 levels of lift. Only use the Redken Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer with the Redken Chromatics colors. For more than 3 levels, you will have to prelighten with bleach lightener. To find the shade you would like, google image search "Chromatics color chart" (there are small differences from chart to chart, also your screen may make a slight visual difference). Use your number of desired result level you previously found as a guide. It is the number in the name of the color. When choosing a shade, know that lifting levels of you hair will lift warm. Searching images for "underlying pigment chart" will help to understand what I am mean by "lifting warm". Look for a "color theory chart". This will help you choose a shade that will compensate for the warmth. The words "blue", "ash" and "violet (or "B", "A", and "V") will neutralize the warmth. Choose one of those and mixing with an "N" (for natural) would probably work well. Okay, so you know your volume of developer, which number and letters of color you want. For application, mix with a ratio of equal parts color to developer. Make sure to measure. Let process for 35 minutes starting after application has finished. Extra tip, use a lower volume developer or darker level color on your roots. Roots lighten faster than your length. This is because your head is warm and your length is not. This makes the color lift faster and can cause hot roots, which is not so pretty. Lengthy answer, but hope this helps!
on August 18, 2017
from Omaha, Nebraska

Chris wiese
from Conrad ia asked:
November 10, 2015
What chromatic color should I use to go from brassy to light ash blonde

Gillian Cross
from Liverpool, England asked:
October 28, 2015
Hi, I am looking for a new hair colourant and wanted to ask your opinion as to which Redken shade and product would be best for me? I am 57 years of age and my hair is shoulder length and coarse in texture. My natural hair colour used to be dark brown, but is probably a dark gray now but whiter closer to the front. My eyes are hazel/brown and my skin a medium tone.The shade I usually use is a chocolate brown. I am wanting to keep my hair a warm brown (without redness). I would be grateful for any advise, Gillian

Wendy James
from Lexington, SC asked:
September 30, 2015
My hair is light brown and has no color in it. I am looking to paint in blonde balayge highlights. I want to lighten a good bit but still look natural, blended. I like this haircolor because it seems like it is multidimensional. Cool or neutral colors look best with my coloring and complexion. My hair tends to pull a lot of golds and can look brassy. What color would you recommend.

from Chicago illinois asked:
September 13, 2015
I have dark brown hair will I have to bleach my hair previous to the purple dye?

from nj asked:
August 26, 2015
i have black hair and have used chromatics at salon which developer and chromatic color number should i use to cover grey roots at home

from Myrtle Beach, SC asked:
August 22, 2015
Has anyone tried shade 6gl? Also, how do you use the "Clear"?

Becky Bailey
from Calhoun Ga asked:
August 16, 2015
Is thIs a clear shine gloss I can put on frizzy dull blonde hair?

from Sorrento,Florida asked:
August 1, 2015
How do you use this color. I currently use Redken 4NW. I have very resistant white hairs.
Mix 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer. Wear suitable disposable gloves. Do not use with metal tools (clips and combs). Process at room temperature for 35 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly after the processing time and shampoo with Redken Hair Cleansing Creme.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Lawrence,kansas asked:
August 1, 2015
Does the 10P have a purple tint? Also would it be great for platinum blonde?

from CT asked:
July 24, 2015
I am trying to get carmel or buttercream highlights on a base 7.0 hair. You seem to not make a yellow range. What do i do? I also have a slight base of red in hair. Should I cancel out with violet or green and how much is safe?
It is not a good idea to use permanent color like Redken Color Gels over highlighted hair - you can serious damage your hair. You can use non-permanent (semi or demi) color for reduce unwanted hues.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Austin, tx asked:
July 20, 2015
From reading the other questions i think it is necessary to buy the redken developer? I cannot use the 20 developer i already have? Made by clairol? Is this correct? I am a medium blonde looking at 9N
Yes, you are right - you can not use Clairol developer. You will need Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer.
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Sorrento,Florida asked:
June 28, 2015
If I use 4nw in the color gels will I use the same number in the chronmatics? Also I have white dye resistant hairs will chromatics hold? I have used the color gels for years and have been happy. Also how long would i need to leave it in? I only color my roots.
You can use the same color in Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color. Processing time is 35 minutes at room temperature.
on November 15, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from texas asked:
June 24, 2015
I was able to locate 20 volume developer. I am not sure how its mixed????
The mixing ratio is one to one - Mix 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from texas asked:
June 24, 2015
Does oil in cream developer come with the permanent color
No, it is being sold separately. All coloring products came without developer. Hope it was helpfull
on October 16, 2015
from San Jose, CA

from Miami, Florida asked:
June 12, 2015
How many tubes do I need for thick/long hair?
This color has to be mixed with developer 1:1 (f ex 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer) - it will be 4 oz color mix. If you have very long hair you may be need to use 2 pack of the color.
on June 18, 2015
from CA

from New York asked:
June 7, 2015
How many ounces of 20% oil in cream developer to I add to Redken Chromatics 8gb permanent hair color?
It depends how much color you plan to use. This color has to be mixed with developer 1:1 (example - 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer) .
on June 18, 2015
from CA

Debra Lowery
from Littleton, Colorado asked:
June 2, 2015
Is this a good color to cover your gray? My color is medium to dark brown? What color would I use?
Yes, it is an ammonia-free permanent hair color. You can choose right color in the color chart - for neutral brown result you should choose colors with the mark "N" or "NW"
on June 18, 2015
from CA

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