UV & LED Lamps: GELeration Pro-LED 30 Lamp

UV & LED Lamps: GELeration Pro-LED 30 Lamp
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Nails / UV & LED Lamps
GELeration Pro-LED 30 Lamp

Jessica is shedding some light with its new Pro-LED 30. The new light complements Jessica’s GELeration line of color soak-off gels that brush on like polish. The sleek, portable, energy-saving LED light has been specially designed for nail care professionals to safely cure gel nail products in just seconds. Exclusively manufactured for the Jessica GELeration soak-off gel range, this energy-efficient light source lasts for approximately 45,000 working hours and instantly cures nails within 10 to 30 seconds.

Easy to operate, the Pro-LED 30 has an auto sensor that activates when hands are positioned correctly on the device. In addition, it includes an eye shield to prevent direction exposure to LED light.

"This time- and energy-saving lamp makes applying a Jessica GELeration manicure safer, faster, and more efficient," says nail expert and Jessica Cosmetics International owner Jessica Vartoughian. "The UVA output does not fade over time, as seen with regular UV light bulbs, which causes less risk of under-curing and overexposure to LED light to the hands and nails."


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